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Ideas for the City Centre's Participatory Budget

Ideas for the City Centre's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 103,380 euros will be given to the City Centre for use in 2021. With the decision of the expert committee, 18 ideas will be put to a vote in the City Centre district with 17 ideas going to the final vote, because one of the qualified ideas will be implemented outside the participatory budget so that a greater chance is given to competing ideas.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.

City Centre, Urban Environment

220V charging possibility near bus stops / benches enabling electricity (Kesklinn01)

Charging stations could be located in public spaces, for example near bus stops. This would certainly increase the use of personal electric scooters and bicycles. Charging possibilities could also be available for mobile phones, laptops, personal light electric vehicles, electric mobility aids and, in the future, even for scooter patrols. The idea is fully compatible with the goals of Tallinn as a Green Capital.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Martin Ots, Estonian light mobility community ElectroTallinn

Code for voting -> Kesklinn01

City Centre, Children and Youth

Eliisabet's dream - a playground for children aged 10+ (Kesklinn02)

I introduced the idea of the participatory budget to my 11-year old daughter and asked her opinion about what she was missing. Her answer was that all the playgrounds in the city centre are for small children, but children her age have nowhere to go. This is true - the main possibilities provided by ordinary playgrounds are sandboxes, small slides, low swings and climbing trees, etc. aimed at young children. There are adventure parks on the outskirts of the city, these are available for a fee however, are far from home and require the presence of an adult. The city centre has a few skate parks. In addition, the target groups of skate parks and playgrounds are different, and daughter did not recommend building them very close to each other, because the slightly tougher energy of the skateboarders could scare other interested people away from the playground. The playground could have: play areas for children aged 10+, meaning higher slides, higher swings and rope climbing towers, hanging trees, etc.; a picnic area and benches for sitting, a roofed area with benches – e.g. a roofed pavilion where you could buy drinks and band-aids if you fall :), also WCs. It could be a place to stay warm during the winter and the walls would be transparent so that parents could see their children through the wall while staying warm. Hirvepark would perhaps offer the possibility to use natural slopes as a slide and the bastion wall as a climbing wall. Great examples from around the world:,,,

Location: Hirvepark
Submitted by: Kaire ja Eliisabet Sõmer

Code for voting -> Kesklinn02

City Centre, Culture and Free Time

GeoDomes (Kesklinn03)

My proposal is to build 3 small geodetic domes in the city centre that could be used as a cultural centre (e.g. a communal greenhouse, cafe, place for performances, conference room, etc.). The domes could have a size of about 6x6m (and a height of 6m). Using wooden materials and simple construction methods, the construction of the domes would be inexpensive and their structure would be strong, allowing the domes to be transported to different places, if necessary. The round and spacious structure of the dome allows for various ways to use the resulting space. For example, in the winter, the dome would protect visitors from the harsh winter climate while allowing them to enjoy the sun and wide views of Tallinn. In spring/autumn, it could be a communal garden greenhouse, and in the summer it could be turned into a cafe, for example. The vote is for building one dome; more domes can be added later depending on the budget. See a picture of the dome here!

Location: Area of the Skoone Bastion
Submitted by: Nicolas John Pratt

Code for voting -> Kesklinn03

City Centre, Culture and Free Time

Hundikuristiku Mini Park (Kesklinn04)

The idea is to revive the popular 19th century walking and resting place of the townspeople. The park would include two protected natural monuments and cultural heritage sites, the Hundikuristiku outcrop and waterfall of the cultural heritage site and the ruins of Georg Eggers' limekiln. After tidying up the mini park, reviving the waterfall, restoring and strengthening the ruins, it would turn into a great attraction for residents and visitors of the capital. The work includes the following: clearing the area of fallen trees, clearing the forest floor and bushes of debris, cutting existing trees and shrubs, repairing existing trails.

Location: Hundikuristiku
Submitted by: Mihhail Maksimov

Code for voting -> Kesklinn04

City Centre, sports

Drinking taps by health trails (Kesklinn05)

The city has many nice light traffic roads now, which are used by plenty of active people. From April to October, there could be public drinking stations or wells by these roads to drink from. During a longer workout, it often happens that one does not have a bottle of water with them and there is no possibility to buy water either. At the moment, to our knowledge, Tallinn has only one drinking tap/well by the Järvevana Road. There could be more of these, for example, one tap at each end of the Pirita promenade.

Location: Reidi Road promenade, Ülemiste light traffic road, Kalevi Stadium, Poolamäe Park, Pirita promenade, etc.
Submitted by: Joint idea: Moonika Kitt, Taimi Saar

Code for voting -> Kesklinn05

City Centre, Sports

Outdoor gym in the green area of Imanta Street (Kesklinn06)

There are many squares in the downtown area that were once in use but have been left empty now. I propose to build a larger training ground in the city centre, because there are a lot of apartment buildings around and of course one can't move around a lot in an apartment.

Location: Green area of Imanta Street
Submitted by: Rene Suurkaev

Code for voting -> Kesklinn06

City Centre, Sports

Outdoor gym on the Järve health trail (Kesklinn07)

Järve health trail is the most popular health trail used for exercise and training in the city centre. Year-round exercise and sports in the fresh air are becoming increasingly popular, hence the need for more diverse outdoor training conditions and opportunities. We will create an outdoor gym on the Järve health trail, where the training equipment has the same technological solutions as indoor gym equipment and the possibility to adjust weights. We will create excellent and versatile sports conditions for users of the track and, as a result, bring more people outside to work out in the fresh year all year round. A "Street workout" kit would be installed into the outdoor gym with 3 Omnigym devices: 1 squat bench (in addition to squats, the device can also be used to perform shoulder lifts from the chest or behind the head in a standing position, as well as leg stretches), chest press bench (tin addition to chest presses, you can also train your trap muscles when standing on the ground; when standing on the bench without shoes, it is also possible to perform power lifting exercies), body bench.

Location: The existing outdoor gym on the Järve health trail
Submitted by: Alo Lõoke

Code for voting -> Kesklinn07

City Centre, Urban Environment

New surfacing for the Kanuti and Lembitu Parks (Kesklinn08)

Two wonderful metropolitan parks: Kanuti and Lembitu remain impassable for most of the year due to humid climate and the tracks in the parks need new surfaces. The clay on the tracks remains puddled for a long time and is slippery even when sprinkled with fine gravel. For this reason, it is simply dangerous for the elderly and children to use the tracks alone. The parks are conveniently located and always on the road to the theatre, swimming pool, concert or clinic. Covering the sidewalks with pavement plates would make the parks more convenient to spend time in, which would bring a lot more people there and would also help to protect the greenery of the parks at the same time.

Location: Kanuti Park, Lembitu Park
Submitted by: Anna Fattakhova

Code for voting -> Kesklinn08

City Centre, Culture and Free Time

An attractive and open Kodulinna Maja (Kesklinn09)

Proposal to revive the Kodulinna Maja house that is in little use and give it a new life, freshness, new energy and to increase visitors. The house is currently in a rather bad condition and it has a suspicious odour. The house, right in the heart of the city, definitely requires renovation. Partially maintaining what has been positive so far, new forms of work should be sought more vigorously. Many residents of Tallinn and tourists could then step in, have a cup of coffee, and exchange ideas in a cozy atmosphere, even by candlelight next to the medieval walls. Listen to a concert or see a small exhibition and also buy something – now that would give life to this house.

Location: Gümnaasiumi Street 3
Submitted by: Toomas Ehasalu

Code for voting -> Kesklinn09

City Centre, Urban Environment

A dog-walking park in Kadriorg Park (Kesklinn10)

It would be much appreciated if there was a dog park in or near Kadriorg Park where dogs could run freely and play with each other. The park is very popular, but unfortunately there is no proper area for dogs in one of the largest parks in Estonia. Communication with other dog owners has confirmed that there is a demand for it. People would no longer need to let their dogs run between the trees in secret, but could instead use a safe place designated for that. This would also make a significant contribution to creating a family-friendly living environment.

Location: Kadriorg Park
Joint idea: Mihkel Õnnis, Olav Vannik

Code for voting -> Kesklinn10

City Centre, Children and Youth

A mini-skatepark on Freedom Square (Kesklinn11)

Mini-skatepark corner on Freedom Square. The youth has expressed their opinion that the Freedom Square is the most convenient place to get to from any part of the city and that it is a place suitable for so-called Urban Skating service (a way of skateboarding where skateboarders use the city surroundings instead of ramps). Previous experiments at the location have had very positive feedback from the young people themselves. The proposal would be to install concrete elements that would be able to withstand a heavier load, instead of the current broken sports elements. Benches should also be added for skaters to rest and store their belongings. The lighting should also be reviewed, as young people skateboard until the winter, as long as the surface is dry.

Location: Freedom Square, car park
Submitted by: Aleksei Jefimov

Code for voting -> Kesklinn11

City Centre, Children and Youth

Increasing the children's area of the Police Park (Kesklinn12)

The Police Park, while being small in size, is one of the most intensively used parks in the City Centre and it was last renovated in 2015. During the last five years, a large part of the children's area has been worn out and some small elements are even dangerous (e.g. the gates to the section for younger children, the stairs of the slide, the climbing net). The purpose of the idea is to add activity opportunities for all age groups of children and to expand the play area. Add a sandbox area and swings with slides for small children to use, create a parkour training area for older children or something similar that doesn't require special equipment like a skate park does. It is also important to move the adult exercise machine area away from the playground, because very often small children want to go play there even though the area is not age-suited for them.

Location: Police Park
Submitted by: Andres Lindemann

Code for voting -> Kesklinn12

City Centre, Urban Environment

Bicycle parking in the Old Town (Kesklinn13)

There could/should be a place to leave a bicycle safely near the restaurants, museums, shops, etc. of the Old Town. Unfortunately there are not enough places for storing bicycles, so the bicycles are attached to rainwater pipes, traffic signs and traffic barriers. At the same time, a city that is a candidate for the title of a green city could have enough places where people can leave bicycles in addition to cycle tracks. To realise the project, bicycle designers should be asked to create bicycle parking spaces suitable for the urban space, which the city could even rent out to owners of restaurants in the summer season. That way, not only would cyclists benefit but also local designers and workers. Bicycle parking areas would be of particular benefit to cyclists, as well as to the owners of restaurants and shops that are close to bicycle parking spaces. There could be at least 30-40 storage places for up to 5 bicycles in the Old Town. Such an opportunity would encourage urban tourism on wheels and would be a visible signal that the city cares about its cyclists.

Location: across the whole district (possible locations would be, for example, at the main door of Cinema Sõprus, Gustav Adolf Gymnasium and Tallinn City Centre Government)
Joint idea: Old Town Society, Andres Palumaa

Code for voting -> Kesklinn13

City Centre, Urban Environment

Musical garden on Reidi Road - echoing sound sources (Kesklinn14)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate.

Location: potentially at Inglirand
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Kesklinn14

City Centre, Urban Environment

Lighting of Staadioni Street (Kesklinn15)

A lot of children and adults visit the Kalev athletics hall, sports hall and stadium in the evening hours, but the street has not been reconstructed and is pitch-black at night. To make it more safe, the street could be lit up to the gates of the Kalev Stadium. At the moment, it is the darkest street in Tallinn.

Location: Staadioni Street
Submitted by: Ainar Nurk

Code for voting -> Kesklinn15

City Centre, Urban Environment

Building a model of Tallinn's Old Town (Kesklinn16)

The main task of this project is to draw attention to and offer visitors a historical overview of the Old Town by means of a model of Tallinn's Old Town. See a picture of the model here!

Location: The start of Viru Street
Submitted by: Slava Drezner

Code for voting -> Kesklinn16

Arena of a new Olympic area on Snelli's fields (Kesklinn17) - The idea will be implemented outside the participatory budget and will not be put on vote.

City Centre, urban environment

Marking quiet places to relax away from the noise of the city (Kesklinn18)

A place where only the sounds of nature can be heard is relaxing. Citizens should have an opportunity to enjoy it, especially in a green capital. Maybe there is also complete silence at times, but this is not easy to find, as the spread of sound also largely depends on surface forms. Thus, it is worth mapping such places and then marking them in a way that would be understandable for the citizens to use. There should be more corners of silence, such as a dense hedge in a suitable place. An acoustics expert would help find the best solutions. An expert with a more sensitive ear could measure and also just listen around in different parts of the park to sense the noise levels with various weather conditions. Many places should be tested, because even at places 10 m away from each other, the noise level is different. This way citizens would have a better opportunity to relax and listen to the sounds of nature. If possible, quiet places should be marked on a website or formulated as an app to make it easier to find those places.

Location: Kadriorg Park etc.
Submitted by: Eve Randvere

Code for voting -> Kesklinn18

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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