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Ideas for Haabersti's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Haabersti's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 96,120 euros will be given to Haabersti for use in 2021. As perthe expert committee's decision, twelve ideas will be put to the vote in Haabersti District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.


Haabersti, Urban Environment

Changing the look of Haabersti's kiosk substations (Haabersti01)

Many old kiosk substations have remained in the residential area of Haabersti from the Soviet era. Many reconstructed kiosk substations have had old transformers and low and medium voltage switchgear replaced and new equipment installed. This means that all the important components have been replaced in the substation to provide high-quality electricity supply, but the old walls of the substations have remained unchanged. The outer walls of the substations could be more modern, colourful and more fun. Realisation of the project could also partially solve our problems with graffiti. Unfortunately, the graffiti can be indecent and unattractive. This project would make the living environment of the Haabersti district more colourful, more interesting and should be of value to every inhabitant of the Haabersti district. See the precise locations!

Location: Kiosk substations located on the inner circle of Õismäe
Submitted by: Jekaterina Trofimova

Code for voting -> Haabersti01

Haabersti, Children and Youth

Interactive playground and pump track (Haabersti02)

The objective would be to create an interactive playground for children and parents, where children could actively develop four important developmental factors: strength, sense of space, sense of rhythm and balance. The pump track would be dedicated to scooters and would be suitable for both teenagers and children. An interactive playground would help bring children out into fresh air and make them move. An interactive playground would also offer activities for both toddlers and young children.

Location: Kakumäe Beach
Submitted by: Kristi Opikova

Code for voting -> Haabersti02

Haabersti, Safety

Indicative speed cameras on Kakumäe Road (Haabersti03)

The section of the road leading to Kakumäe beach sees a lot of speeding during the summer. Especially in the vicinity of the restaurant Talleke ja Pullike. This creates both dangerous situations and noise pollution which could be avoided with the use of boards indicating speed (incl. laughing faces and sad smiles). Speed cameras/boards with speed limit reminders can also be added to other locations

Location: The straight section of Kakumäe Road near Talleke ja Pullike
Submitted by: Kristjan Kukk

Code for voting -> Haabersti03

Haabersti, Other

Tidying up the shoreline of the Merirahu area (Haabersti04)

The content of the proposal is that the 1500-m-long shoreline on land units that have been unreformed in coordination with the Land Board in 2021 and have turned muddy and hilly could be evened out by spreading granite stone siftings (0-4 mm) at a width of 1.5 m. The post-compaction bulk thickness should be about 5-10 cm in order to significantly improve the track for public use by runners, cyclists and pedestrians. Lions Club Rocca al Mare supports and organises the work of the club's volunteers in tidying up the shoreline and, if necessary, also organises self-financing through the collection of targeted donations from the residents of the area.

Location: the land units of Merirahu Marina 1 and Merirahu Marina 3
Submitted by: Peeter Kiilaspää, President of Lions Club Tallinn Rocca al Mare

Code for voting -> Haabersti04

Haabersti, Children and Youth

Mustjõe playground (Haabersti05)

Creating a children's playground in Haabersti, Mustjõe. As the population living in the area is growing rapidly, the children need a place of their own for playing. Unfortunately, no such area has yet been created in the Mustjõe area.

Location: Mustjõe village square on the corner of Tarna and Kõrgepinge streets
Submitted by: Aleksei Grigorjuk

Code for voting -> Haabersti05

Haabersti, Urban Environment

Pilot project of bicycle houses in Haabersti (Haabersti06)

The apartments in panel buildings are small and the buildings have no lifts. How do you transport a bicycle to the fifth floor, for example? Where do you store a bicycle that has dirty tires? The bicycle houses pilot project would mean that bicycle storage facilities would not be linked to a specific apartment association but would somehow be publicly available. The city could test the solution in one district to see how the management of the bicycle houses would work. This project could be implented in urban areas by building bicycle houses and perhaps also bicycle maintenance stands in residential areas with apartment buildings. Bicycle houses could be guarded and access could be given using personalised means, e.g. a personalised green card. Some inspiration:

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Joint idea: Liisa Reitel, Iko-Eerik Uustalu

Code for voting -> Haabersti06

Haabersti, Children and Youth

A skate park for Kakumäe (Haabersti07)

A concrete skate park for teenagers and youths that would be weather and abrasion resistant. I consider it very important for teenagers to be able to spend their free time in the fresh air and in an active way, especially since nowadays they spend too much time in front of screens, either studying or playing. The skate park would provide a great opportunity for children to find meaningful activities outdoors.

Location: Kakumäe Beach
Submitted by: Janika Verzun

Code for voting -> Haabersti07

Haabersti, Urban Environment

Bridge overlooking the Kopli Bay (Haabersti08)

A proper bridge is needed by the Kopli Bay in the Kakumäe green area to provide a convenient way to pass the shoreline at the end of Ujuki Street . This bridge would be the logical end to the light traffic road that is being constructed. The current wooden bridge is dangerous, as it has broken down and become filled with holes. The new bridge would help to reach the area safely. Useful for all recreational athletes, pedestrians with children, citizens interested in nature and those coming from the port.

Location: Landi 21a
Submitted by: Tiina Jõgeda on behalf of MTÜ Kakumäe Rahva Selts and MTÜ Rand IV

Code for voting -> Haabersti08

Haabersti, Urban Environment

Installation of a sculpture of Tallinn Zoo animals (Haabersti09)

This symbol will mark the location of the Tallinn Zoo. The construction is located at the entrance of the zoo in the green area of Paldiski Highway. It is a sculpture representing the Tallinn Zoo. The main task of this project is to draw attention and spark an interest in our citizens and tourists to visit the zoo. This 3x3x5 metre welded bolt construction depcits a stencil image of animals and birds on two levels. The planes are perpendicular to each other, forming a cross joint for stability. The material of the planes is a 10 mm thick metal sheet. The structure is dark in colour with electric lighting designed for the four sides of the structure. See more about the sculpture: Photo 1, Photo 2

Location: Paldiski mnt 137
Submitted by: Slava Drezner

Code for voting -> Haabersti09

Haabersti, Children and Youth

Outdoor lighting for Väike-Õismäe playgrounds (Haabersti10)

The aim of this proposal is to provide a solution to the outdoor lighting of playgrounds between apartment buildings located around the Väike-Õismäe circle. Currently, during dark hours, the residents of apartment buildings with children gather near the playgrounds in Väike-Õismäe where lighting is available. However, there are only two such playgrounds near the circle, one of which belongs to the Tallinn Õismäe Russian Lyceum, and the other is the so-called Õismäe children's playground next to Karikakra kindergarten. If we had outdoor lighting for the other playgrounds as well, we would be able to disperse people more and it would ensure usability of the other playgrounds.

Location: Õismäe tee 54 a playground, Õismäe tee 74a
Submitted by: Anne-May Nagel

Code for voting -> Haabersti10

Haabersti, Other

Õismäe music garden (Haabersti11)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: Rocca al Mare promenade
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Haabersti11

Haabersti, Sports

An outdoor gym for the Õismäe Bog health trail (Haabersti12)

We want to creat an outdoor gym on the Õismäe Bog health trail, where the training equipment has the same technological solutions as indoor gym equipment and the possibility to adjust weights. We will create excellent and versatile sports conditions for users of the track and, as a result, bring more people outside to work out in the fresh year all year round. Currently, there is only a stretching wall installed by Eesti Terviserajad SA and there is no other strength training equipment in place. The existing outdoor gym of the Õismäe Bog health trail will have a "street workout" training complex, with 3 Omnigim devices installed: 1 squat bench (in addition to squats, the device can also be used to perform shoulder lifts from the chest or behind the head in a standing position, as well as leg stretches), chest press bench (tin addition to chest presses, you can also train your trap muscles when standing on the ground; when standing on the bench without shoes, it is also possible to perform power lifting exercies), body bench.

Location: Vabaõhumuuseumi Road 63, the side of Vana-Rannamõisa Road
Submitted by: Alo Lõoke

Code for voting -> Haabersti12

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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