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Ideas for Kristiine's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Kristiine's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn’s participatory budget, 89,840 euros will be given to Kristiine for use in 2021. As per the expert committee’s decision, 16 ideas will be put to the vote in Kristiine District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.

Kristiine, sports

Public tennis courts in Kristiine (Kristiine01)

We have many basketball courts, but no public tennis courts. One or more hard-surface tennis courts could be set up near existing sports courts, as this would help to share maintenance needs and decrease costs.

Location: Tildri 2b
Submitted by: Tanel Vakker

Code for voting -> Kristiine01

Kristiine, culture and free time

Estonian officers' memorial information board at Tondi (Kristiine02)

Visitors to the Tondi Memorial, Tondi Boys Statue and barracks of the former Tondi Military School need explanatory information. The information board would contain data on Tondi facilities in three languages - Estonian, English and Russian. The texts and photos for the information board have already been prepared, but there is no funding. The information board will be installed in 2021 between the Tondi 55 building and the Tondi Memorial with the footing set in the granite boulder. See the detailed content on the board in three languages HERE!

Location: Tondi 55
Submitted by: Jaak Haud, MTÜ Tondi SK Ajalooklubi

Code for voting -> Kristiine02

Kristiine, urban environment

Japanese style miniforest in Kristiine (Kristiine03)

The idea is to plant a well-diversified dense miniforest that would simulate a real ecosystem. These forests often also grow faster because they have the same conditions that occur naturally. This would also bring birds, insects and natural diversity back in the city This is a concept developed in Japan., Additionally, the district could map all possible roadsides and places where trees could be planted (where the city's infrastructure and tracks are not disturbed). And then plant different tree species as a working campaign. At present, Lilleküla has a very limited selection of trees, but historically it has been the most species-rich district in Tallinn. Trees, especially on roadsides, grow relatively slowly, so some resources could be found each year to plant trees and ensure the sustainability and greenery of the district.

Location: Tildri 10
Submitted by: Marit Finnie

Code for voting -> Kristiine03

Kristiine, urban environment

Renewal of the signs of Kristiine district (Kristiine04)

The existing signs of the district have an outdated design and should be replaced. For example: Tehnika Street, Sõle Street, Paldiski Highway, Mustamäe Road, Sõpruse Avenue, Nõmme Road, Rahumäe Road, Retke Road, A. H. Tammsaare Road, Pärnu Highway, Endla Street, Tondi Street (near the railway station).

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Marina Roost

Code for voting -> Kristiine04

Kristiine, children and youth

Children's playground and sports area in the yard of Tedre põik 36 (Kristiine05)

The current attraction, which was installed on the initiative of the residents, has unfortunately depreciated over time, but the number of children on the surrounding streets has been constantly growing and the children have developed a habit of spending time in the square. In the interests of children's safety and also the promotion of an active lifestyle, it would be sensible to construct a playground/sports field suitable for different ages and seating facilities for parents on this plot. It would also be reasonable to solve the problems related to the subsidence of the soil at the same time, a problem that the residents of Kännu Street that have plots bordering the Tedre põik 36 plot have complained about.

Location: Tedre põik 36
Submitted by: Margus Kisel, Tedre Põigu Selts

Code for voting -> Kristiine05

Kristiine, urban environment

Educational nest boxes in the Bird Quarter (Kristiine06)

This quarter does not have interactive attractions that would make walks of locals or visitors more attractive. The content of the proposal is to install interactive bird posts with a nest box or a feeding trough. There would also be interesting information about birds next to the nest box as a puzzle or other game. Kristiine has approximately 46 different streets with bird names and about 100 intersections where bird posts can be installed. Each intersection would have an educational nest box dedicated to 2-3 birds that match the street names. The hole in the street's nest box could be in the shape of the silhouette of the bird after which the street has been named. What does a great tit sing about? Answer: silk dress Is the egg of a goldcrest heavier or lighter than a ping-pong ball? Answer: Just as heavy. Digital surprises could be done using QR codes. The tasks would be developed by MTÜ Lapsepõlve Akadeemia(in cooperation with the Tallinn Zoo or the Estonian Ornithological Society, for example). It is of great importance that not only would the Bird Quarter have recognizable and educational items, but that participants would also gain great knowledge about Estonian birds.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Aljona Tubaleva

Code for voting -> Kristiine06

Kristiine, children and youth

A low adventure trail with illuminated trails in Löwenruh' Park (Kristiine07)

It would be awesome if a smaller adventure park could be set up in Kristiine for older children. It does not have to be as high or dangerous as in Nõmme or the zoo, but it could be something akin to what can be found in Lotteland or at Nelijärve. There are already quite a lot of them in Estonia. The rope rides are especially cool, there could be several of those. Löwenruh Park is becoming more and more modern, but the side near Algi Street is often a muddy trail. There is also no street lighting when approaching from Linnu Road and walking along the pond. The objective is to add street lighting with black posts and construct gravel walking trails, for example, instead of trampled grass. Trash bins should also be added.

Location: Mustamäe Road 59a, Löwenruh Park (on the side near Algi Street)

Joint idea: Rachel Karolin Kunda, Annabel Voomets

Code for voting -> Kristiine07

Kristiine, culture and free time

A fountain with colourful light effects in Löwenruh' Park (Kristiine08)

Löwenruh Park has become a focal point for gatherings for the people of Kristiine where concerts, performances, fairs, sports events, etc. are held. The whole park could be lit with colourful fountaints, which would give the park a whole new look and make people spend more time outdoors.

Location: Mustamäe Road 59a, Löwenruh Park
Submitted by: Pille Vahtra

Code for voting -> Kristiine08

Kristiine, sports

A versatile outdoor gym on the training ground of Tedre 58 (Kristiine09)

If there was a decent outdoor "gym", it would certainly find widespread use. Especially during the global Covid pandemic and with people not wanting or not being able to go to the gym. The existing outdoor gyms are poorly equipped and not the most functional. Building a training area with upgraded equipment or a wholly new tranining area would provide better opportunities for outdoor sports.

Location: Tedre 58
Submitted by: Taavi Ojaste

Code for voting -> Kristiine09

Kristiine, culture and free time

A music garden in Tondimõisa Park (Kristiine10)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: Nõmme Road 107
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Kristiine10

Kristiine, urban environment

Otto Kramer's garden (Keemia 41) as a pleasant recreation area (Kristiine11)

In the Lilleküla neighbourhood of the Kristiine district at Keemia str 41 was the garden of Otto Kramer, a prominent breeder, in the 1930s. The proposal is to develop Otto Kramer's garden into a community garden that would be as natural as possible and a resting place for the residents of the area. Neaby is a kindergarten, large panel buildings are located across the road and Otto Kramer's garden could be a nice green oasis as a counterbalance to the environment of high-rise buildings. The changes would include: pruning of fruit trees, installation of lighting, construction of a fence, installation of park furniture and planting boxes, and the installation of an information board about Otto Kramer and the numerous gardens that were spread out in the area at the beginning of the last century.

Location: Keemia 41
Submitted by: Sirje Mahlakõiv

Code for voting -> Kristiine11

Kristiine, urban environment

More murals and supergraphics to Kristiine (Kristiine12)

Art on substation walls will definitely add value to the locals as their local area becomes more beautiful and inspiring. Art related to local nature and animals is educational and invites people to enjoy and respect nature and their surroundings. The residents of the city can pick out the animals and plants that grow in nature which will be made into big supergraphics murals.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Vahur Agar, Helena Hanni

Code for voting -> Kristiine12

Kristiine, sports

Sports park in the yard of Kotka 14a (Kristiine13)

There is a large sports park in Riga at ERGLU iela 2 that is called "Centra sporta kvartāla skeitparks" where children and adults of different ages can do sports. There is a children's playground, swings, a large skate park, treadmills, basketball and volleyball courts, football fields, ping-pong tables, etc. The idea was to find a plot of land in Kristiine that could fit similar attractions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to realise all of it due to the lack of vacant plots in the district. However, there is a smaller plot at Kotka 14a where a smaller basketball court could be built. It could also be used as an ice rink during the winter where children could play hockey, as in the old days. There are many sports enthusiasts in Kristiine, and an additional sports field would bring joy to many adults and children.

Location: Kotka 14a
Submitted by: Timo Heering

Code for voting -> Kristiine13

Kristiine, safety

Training ground with a lighted sidewalk to the yard of Tedre 81a (Kristiine14)

Proposal to create a publicly lit outdoor training area with several (5-6) exercise machines.Elderly people, children and anyone else interested could train their muscles in that area. Since there is a lack of daylight in Estonia, a lighting solution would definitely be needed there as well.

Location: Tedre 81a
Submitted by: Ingrid Roball-Tomson

Code for voting -> Kristiine14

Kristiine, culture and free time

A winter wonderland skating rink in Kristiine (Kristiine15)

The proposal is to maintain the ice on the ice ponds with the money from the participatory budget, so that it would be possible to skate safely. A warm place would also be created where you could put skates on or rent them. The idea is inspired by the Rideau Channel in Ottawa, which is currently the world's largest ice rink (video: We need a place where young, old, skilled and novice skaters can come together and use existing resources.

Location: Tulika 33b
Submitted by: Joshua James Viinalass

Code for voting -> Kristiine15

Kristiine, urban environment

Complete recreation area in the greenery of Vaarika Street (Kristiine16)

The Maasika and Vaarika streets located in the Lille neighbourhood of the Kristiine district create one of the most milieu-worthy areas in Lille, surrounded by houses built in the 1930s which are under heritage protection. Our wish is that the design of the entire area would be based on the suitability of the design elements of the park for the buildings of the given area. It should also be noted that this would be the first stage of landscaping the Vaarika - Maasika greenery, which concerns the edge of Vaarika Street, and the second stage would be planning and landscaping the greenery of Maasika Street for use by the community and the residents of the city. It is important that both areas function together to form a cohesive whole and create a pleasant and usable environment for the community. There is a small playground on Vaarika Street, but it does not meet the expectations of children of different ages and does not fulfil the objective of providing a complete solution for the park. The playground could use a couple of swings and why not a few more new attractions. It is important for children to have a place close to home to spend their free time in that is safe and offers various activities.The aim is to reconstruct the park for year-round use that people would genuinely want to visit because there is a well-kept park area and activities for people of all ages. Lille Park (in the greenery of Vaarika Street) is a place where various events for the community could take place. For example: fairs, community days, various workshops, pet day, safety days (organised by the Rescue Board), information days, Midsummer Bonfire, Christmas tree decoration, building a snow city, ice rink, concerts, performances, open-air cinema, sports activities and competitions (table tennis, chess, checkers, etc.), picnics on the lawn area and birthday celebrations. A small garden pavilion would be suitable for small performances and concerts. Ensuring the functional integrity of the park requires new and modern solutions to be implemented for the entire park area. Look at the additional images here!

Location: Vaarika 15a
Joint idea: Karin Sillamaa, MTÜ Lille Asumiselts, Martin Allika, Laura Tahk

Code for voting -> Kristiine16

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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