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Ideas for Kristiine's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Kristiine's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn’s participatory budget, 112,192 euros will be given to Kristiine for use in 2022. As per the expert committee’s decision, fourteen ideas will be put to the vote in Kristiine District.

A disc golf practising area next to the future Tildri Street sport park (Kristiine12)
A cosy courtyard on Seebi Street (Kristiine13)
Lille Park as a timeless recreation area (Kristiine15)
Turn Tondimõisa Park into the representative park of the Tondi subdistrict (Kristiine16)
Otto Kramer’s Garden as a meeting place for the local community (Kristiine2)
Make the Sõstra Street 1a outdoor area a place everyone would enjoy spending time in (Kristiine23)
Make the Tedre tn 77a yard pleasant, diverse and safe (Kristiine25)
A beautiful rose avenue for Kibuvitsa Street (Kristiine30)
Information boards to introduce the district’s history (Kristiine4)
A playground for families with a canopy in Tondi subdistrict (Kristiine41)
Bicycle maintenance self-service points at Lilleküla, Tondi and Järve (Kristiine43)
Tulika tn 33b into a park for youths and a skating rink (Kristiine6)
Renewal of the basketball court on Energia Street (Kristiine7)
Three high-quality outdoor gyms in Kristiine (Kristiine8)

A disc golf practising area next to the future Tildri Street sport park (Kristiine12)

Disc golf players need places inside the city to work on their playing skills. For this, we could create a practice area for both short and long throws on the border of the Mustamäe and Kristiine districts. The safety of other people and existing trees would be taken into consideration while building the practice area. A possible location to turn into a street sport park would be 2a Tildri Street.
Submitted by: Andres Katte

Code for voting: Kristiine12

A cosy courtyard on Seebi Street (Kristiine13)

The full project of fixing Seebi Street includes parking spaces, roads, lighting, a new playground for the whole family, a table tennis table, an area to dry clothes and a dog park. The floor covering of the basketball court and the greenery need modernisation as well. A convenient and safe path to the Järve train stop and health trail is very important, not only for the residents of this subdistrict but also for the other residents of the Kristiine district accessing the pedestrian bridge through the courtyards of Seebi and Marsi streets. Two main diagonal muddy paths should be turned into decent pavements. Location: 30a and 34 Seebi Street.
Submitted by: Anna Naumova, Mait Mumme; Aleksandr Belov

Code for voting: Kristiine13

Lille Park as a timeless recreation area (Kristiine15)

Let’s create a fierce and representative park for ‘Tallinn – the European Green Capital 2023’, which would be worthy of being in an area of environmental value! Maasika and Vaarika streets in the Lille subdistrict in Kristiine comprise an area of environmental value in Lille; they are surrounded by houses built in the 1930s that are under heritage protection. The aim would be to reconstruct the park for use all year round and make it a pleasant space to spend time in while enjoying the beauty and greenery of the flowers. The design of the entire area should be based on the suitability of the park’s design elements for the surrounding buildings – modern lighting suitable for the high-value area, park benches with bins, sculptures, raised flowerbeds with interesting landscaping and safe walkways. And why not a decorate the green area with a stylish reading pavilion. Location: 15a Vaarika Street, 4a and 8 Maasika Street.
Submitted by: MTÜ Lille Asumiselts; Ilona Juhansoo

Code for voting: Kristiine15

Tondimõisa Park to be the representative park of Tondi (Kristiine16)

Let's tidy up the Tondimõisa Park! The park is somewhat outdated but could easily become Tondi’s representative park where visitors of all ages, from near or far, would feel good to spend time. It could be the place to go with your dog or children, to exercise or just walk. Tall plants (trees, shrubs) and grass in Tondimõisa should be fixed up for picnics in summer. While my original idea was to build a new park, I reconsidered that we should start by tidying up the existing one and then look ahead – there could be more greenness in the city! Until then, however, landscaping could be fixed up in Tondimõisa, park furniture could be renewed, and a new cool playground and outdoor gym could be built. Living in the middle of concrete worsens people's physical and mental health. A few years ago, several new parks were built in Lasnamäe and they have become very popular, so, such a park would definitely be enjoyed in Tondi as well. In addition, landscaping improves air quality and helps to prevent overheating in the city in summer. Location: Nõmme tee 107
Submitted by: Kirke Tuul

Code for voting: Kristiine16

Otto Kramer’s Garden as a meeting place for the local community (Kristiine2)

Fixing the remaining section of the garden of plant breeder Otto Kramer to honour and solidify his memory as Otto Kramer’s Community Garden. The area is known to be one of the few historical plant nurseries which has survived in Tallinn. The area has not been maintained for decades, but we would like to honour the memory of the renowned plant breeder by consciously fixing the community garden and replanting the bushes that used to be there. To do this, it would be necessary to have a geodesic plan of the area, draw up an inventory for the trees and bushes with the help of experts from the Tallinn Botanic Garden and perform a maintenance trim. Although the area must be freely accessible, a fence and a gate with the garden’s history and rules should be added as well. A surveillance camera with a corresponding sign is necessary as well. Lighting and benches could be added in order to organise pop-up café days, fairs, exercising sessions, lectures, etc. The Kristiine community garden should be tidy and the ground should be cleared of glass and rubbish. Location: Keemia tn 41
Submitted by: Katrin Puhkason; Pille-Riin Kaup

Code for voting: Kristiine2

Sõstra tänav 1a yard area to be a place where everyone feels good (Kristiine23)

Sõstra tn 1a is surrounded by high apartment buildings at Välja tn 4 and 8, Mustamäe tee 29, and Sõstra tn 3, 4 and 6. There is a playground and a climbing tree for children, a basketball court and benches for sitting down in the backyard for the residents, but it is still a bit bleak and not inviting to spend free time. Therefore, I suggest ordering a project to renovate this yard. Local people should certainly be involved in the development of the project. People of all ages should be kept in mind. There should certainly be more options for children and young people, an opportunity to develop their intelligence in addition to the physical side. There could be proper outdoor workout equipment in the yard, and the base of the basketball court should be sound-absorbing because ball players at night are a concern for our residents. The landscaping should definitely be tidied up and cozy recreational areas with comfortable outdoor furniture should be created. I invite all the residents of the buildings around this yard to think along in order to get the best result together! Location: Sõstra tn 1a
Submitted by: Anu Kaar

Code for voting: Kristiine23

Tedre tn 77a yard area to be pleasant, versatile and safe (Kristiine25)

The yard area of Mooni tn 60, Tedre tn 77, and Kuldnoka 15 and 17 is in a relatively poor state: in the middle of the yard there is a small and worn-out playground with a slide and sandbox for children, too small for children to want to stay for longer; benches around the playground where people rarely sit; the asphalt of the sidewalks is crumbling and there is no proper lighting in the yard; there are always few parking spaces, but with better planning it would be possible to organize it better. I propose to order a project for the rearrangement of the yard area at Tedre tn 77a within the inclusive budget, and if it is not possible to do everything at once, then to do as much as possible. The children's playground could certainly be more varied, with better organized parking, the sidewalks could be tidied up and lit up – this would help to create security. Many pupils of Lilleküla Upper Secondary School walk through this yard every day and this way their road to school would be much safer. The current empty lawn is not inviting to spend time in the yard – there are things that could be done. Address: Tedre tn 77a
Submitted by: Reine Riim

Code for voting: Kristiine25

A beautiful rose avenue for Kibuvitsa Street (Kristiine30)

The Green Capital deserves more interesting landscaping solutions than just grass! Grass strips grow along the long streets of Lille District, but nothing interesting or remarkable has been done with them. Therefore I propose, for a start, to change at least one long street into an attraction that would bring pedestrians from across the city to get acquainted with our living environment. Other attractions on Kibuvitsa Street include the recently renovated Old Believers’ church and a row of so-called ‘Tallinn style’ housing. Location: Kibuvitsa tn, Lille subdistrict
Submitted by: Karin Sillamaa

Code for voting: Kristiine30

Information boards to introduce the district’s history (Kristiine4)

Llearn about the history of the district! Proposal to install information boards at historically important sites within the district. For example, Estonian, English and Russian information boards for visitors of the memorial. Possible locations: Tondi military barracks, Löwenruh Park, summer manors, etc.
Submitted by: Sirje Mahlakõiv; Jaak Haud

Code for voting: Kristiine4

A playground for families with a canopy in Tondi subdistrict (Kristiine41)

All mothers know that walking in the rain isn’t good. A family playground with a canopy that protects against the weather, and preferably covered with rubber tiles or coarse sawdust instead of sand, should be built in the Tondi subdistrict. Location: Seebi tn 34
Submitted by: Anna

Code for voting: Kristiine41

Bicycle maintenance self-service points at Lilleküla, Tondi and Järve (Kristiine43)

Proposal to build bicycle maintenance stations in Kristiine district. The number of cyclists increases consistently, which makes it essential to have stations where tires can be inflated if necessary. The bicycle maintenance self-service points would be in three Kristiine subdistricts: Lilleküla, Tondi and Järve.
Submitted by: Eric Sirel

Code for voting: Kristiine43

Tulika tn 33b into a park for youths and a skating rink (Kristiine6)

Instead of the old town hall building in Tulika tn 33b, a wonderful youth park could be built that would feature a skateboard ramp, table tennis and parkour area. It should also have benches to relax and chat with friends and the area could be decorated with flower planters and lights. Kristiine Youth Centre could hold events there (workshops, competitions). During winter it could be a skating rink, where music is played and lights are hung above it. Address: Tulika tn 33b
Submitted by: Rachel ja Marleen

Code for voting: Kristiine6

Renewal of the basketball court on Energia Street (Kristiine7)

Proposal to make the basketball court on Energia Street into a place that is inviting to play in. The existing basketball court needs renovation; the asphalt is uneven and tree roots are breaking through, which makes it impossible to play on. Location: Energia tn 2b
Submitted by: Kaili Armipaik

Code for voting: Kristiine7

Three high-quality outdoor gyms in Kristiine (Kristiine8)

Three outdoor gyms would increase opportunities for residents of Kristiine to train in fresh air. The construction of an Omnigym outdoor gym with adjustable difficulties in the Kristiine district would give its residents the opportunity to perform the same quality of strength training outdoors as they could do in indoor gyms, all year round. Omnigym equipment is suitable for women, young people, the elderly and experienced athletes alike as adjusting the weights is simple and safe. The range of equipment at Omnigym also includes training equipment suitable for people with disabilities. Locations: Tedre tn 58, Sõstra tn 1a and Kännu tn 86.
Submitted by: Ott Kiivikas

Code for voting: Kristiine8

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