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Ideas for Lasnamäe's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Lasnamäe's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 128,060 euros will be given to Lasnamäe to use in 2021. As per the expert committee’s decision, 16 ideas will be put to the vote in Lasnamäe District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.

Lasnamäe, urban environment

Installation of 220 V Socket Installations in Public Space (Lasnamäe01)

The aim of the idea is to encourage people to spend more time outdoors. For example, it creates the preconditions for teleworking outdoors. Sockets can be installed near lampposts, where the power cord can be routed. It also helps people use more environmentaly friendly modes of transport more actively by offering a possibility to charge electric scooters or other means of transport.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Artjom Tsarajev

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe01

Lasnamäe, culture and free time

Installation of an Estonian Hound Statue (Lasnamäe02)

The objective of the project is to erect a sculpture for the Estonian hound in Lasnamäe to pay homage to the achievements of the breed developed in Estonia. Why Lasnamäe? Lasnamäe has the most animal-friendly inhabitants – many animals are taken from shelters, people are always ready to help when an animal is sick, medicines are distributed and collective searches are organized to find missing animals. Thus far, Lasnamäe has not had a beautiful symbolic place to meet. The statue would symbolise loyalty and commitment.

Location: Tondiraba Park
Submitted by: Natalia

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe02

Lasnamäe, urban environment

Drinking Taps for Lasnamäe (Lasnamäe03)

The idea is to provide access to drinking water in recreational areas (parks, large playgrounds, sports grounds). Installing drinking fountains would be reasonable because Tallinn has good tap water and it is suitable for drinking without additional filters. Drinking fountains are widespread in many major cities around the world. One option would be for ESA to hold a competition for building concrete fountains and support young architects.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Aleksei Šohh

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe03

Lasnamäe, culture and free time

Development of Katleri Kase-Varese Community Park (Lasnamäe04)

A proposition to improve Kase-Varese Park behind the playground: clean, plant new trees, install new benches, build a mulch path through Kase-Varese Park. Plan tables for table tennis and other boardgames such as chess, a climbing attraction for kids or an adventure track with in-ground trampolines. Build a children's traffic road with thematic accessories (a lockable bicycle park, it could also have a "Bus Stop", traffic lights, crosswalks, traffic signs). Design a new avenue that is parallel to the car park. A few of the treadmills could also be renovated.

Location: Area between the streets of Katler and Paasik
Submitted by: Andrei Klimov, Stanislav Lomunov

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe04

Lasnamäe, Culture and Free Time

Lasnamäe Music Trail - Echoing Sound Instruments (Lasnamäe05)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: the area between Turba and Liikuri streets
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe05

Lasnamäe, Culture and Free Time

Bird Observation Deck in Pae Park (Lasnamäe06)

In the middle of Pae Park, there is a water reservoir which is a nesting and resting place for aquatic birds. Here you can meet mute swans, crested ducks, black-headed gulls, roosters, mallards, and grey seagulls. There should be an observation desk in Pae Park, so that the birds can be observed closely and without disturbance. The platform could also be simply an observation deck for the park. In this way it would be a great way to check out the park without intruding on its wildlife.

Location: Pae Park
Submitted by: Renata Järve

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe06

Lasnamäe, Culture and Free Time

Development of the Green Area on Läänemere Road 3 (Lasnamäe07)

There is an empty lot near Läänemere 3, across from the Rimi store. There is nowhere for people to walk in this place and its surroundings. The proposition is to build a mini park with greenery and benches. And, most importantly, to construct a shelter where it is possible to relax in any weather.

Location: The Green Area of Läänemere Road 3
Submitted by: Viktoria

Code for voting ->Lasnamäe07

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

A Lighthouse Observation Deck (Lasnamäe08)

From Lasnamäe Street, situated on the cliff and parallel to Laagna Canal, you can see stunning views of the sunset over the Gulf of Tallinn and Old Town. The new observation tower will be the district's pride, and a pleasant and beautiful place to spend your free time which will attract both locals and tourists.
The construction of an observation deck will create a new reason to walk from Kadriorg to Pae Park, helping people discover that Lasnamäe is unique, full of potential, and a district worth visiting. LASNAMÄE STARTS HERE!
According to our vision, the 3-5-metre-tall design of the deck (the shape, the lighting, etc.) will present the lighthouse as the local symbol that has given the district its name. The materials should reflect the uniqueness of the district, with a limestone base and wooden observation deck offering a natural and environmentally friendly contrast to the concrete construction of Lasnamäe. The observation deck should be accessible by buggies and wheelchairs, and be a pleasant and safe experience for both the youngest and the oldest of the family. Views from the deck: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Location: On the klint near Lasnamäe Road, between the area of Ilvese and Pae Bridges
Submitted by: Carmen Pajuste, representing the active members of Sikupilli-Majaka District

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe08

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

Improving the Pedestrian Tunnel in Mustakivi (Lasnamäe09)

The tunnel's interior design is dated and does not meet modern expectations. The main purpose of the idea is to design a city object that is attractive to all the residents of the city but first and foremost to the residents of Lasnamäe. The tunnel should also be a contemporary city object that is safe to pass through at night. Look at the design solutions from here

Location: Mustakivi
Joint idea: Anastasia Šarõmova, Valentina Lašmanova

Code for voting ->Lasnamäe09

Lasnamäe, Children and the Youth

Playground for Children (up to seven years old) (Vikerlase 20a) (Lasnamäe10)

There are only a few common use playgrounds in the area where children of different ages can freely spend their time. The playground of Vikerlase can be modernised so that older children can also enjoy the space. The existing elements also need upgrading.

Location: Vikerlase 20a
Submitted by: Žanna

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe10

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

A Stationary Public Washroom in Pae Park (Lasnamäe 11)

The idea is to build a public stationary washroom in Pae Park which is accessible to individuals with disabilities and has a mother-and-child room. The room should be heated, open 24/7 year-round and connected with the city's canalisation and water supply (or autonomous, but supplied with water for the purposes of flushing, hand washing, and cleaning).

Location: Pae Park, east side near the basketball court
Submitted by: Jekaterina Bogatova

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe11

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

Repairing and Lighting Pae Park's Footpath (Lasnamäe12)

Replace and turn the uncompleted sidewalk into paths with a paved surface. It would be practical to turn the footpaths, created by many people, into sidewalks. One example is the one near the fence of Kuristiku Gümnaasium, next to the house of Kärberi 13.

Location: The area between Majaka põik and Paepargi Road
Submitted by: Ivar Fuks

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe12

Lasnamäe, Culture and Free Time

Repairing Paevälja Bridge (Lasnamäe13)

Replacing the existing bridge and eliminating its dangers. There is a lot of demand for the Paevälja walking path among locals. At the moment, it is uncomfortable to use and its most dangerous part is the bridge full of potholes.

Location: Paekalda
Submitted by: Renata Järve

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe13

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

Improving the Barbecue Area of Pirita River Valley Protected Landscape (Lasnamäe14)

Pirita River Valley Protected Landscape at the end of Lasnamäe attracts picnickers during the spring and summer. It is the perfect place for residents of Lasnamäe who want to spend time with their friends or family in nature but do not want to drive outside of the city. At the moment, it does not offer enough possibilities for people to spend time substantially. There's one vandalised picnic house in the area around which the green area is sullied. Cleaning up this area would improve the environment and provide the residents of Lasnamäe with more opportunities to spend their free time. Instead of awkward picnic houses which can draw unwanted attention, it would be sufficient to have tables with benches that are placed away from each other. There could be a fire pit next to each table. There should be garbage bins in the resting area, not only in the parking lot. There should be a small sports ground and an area for children. The graffiti that "decorates" the bridge piles should also be painted over. In the future there could be drawings there that have been coordinated with the city.

Location: Pirita River Valley Protected Landscape
Submitted by: Roman Romanov

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe14

Lasnamäe, Urban Environment

A Fountain for the Green Area in Arbu (Lasnamäe15)

The landscaped area between Liikuri and Arbu Streets looks a bit boring (there are only playgrounds). However, this area could become more attractive and varied if we build a fountain there. The fountain seems to be a good solution because Lasnamäe does not have similar structures at the moment (except for Pae Park). The fountain can also have an original solution and through that the area can become an attraction which will strengthen the positive reputation of Lasnamäe.

Location: The landscaped area between Liikuri and Arbu Streets
Submitted by: Anton Küünal

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe15

Lasnamäe, Sport

A Fitness and Adventure Park (Kihnu 1) (Lasnamäe16)

The purpose of this project is to turn a favourite walking area of the locals into an official park where it is possible to exercise and enjoy culture. We will found an adventure park but with heights suitable for children (adults can use it too). The height is limited by the fact that in a public park it is better to have a trail where it is possible to climb without straps. We will install a touch trail that can be used to walk on barefoot during the summer and feeling different surfaces with your feet – this will be a positive experience for both children and adults. Street music elements PercussionPlay, which are already gathering popularity in our city, would be a wonderful addition to the design of the park. We, along with ecoactivists, can also develop interactive ecostands which help to improve the ecological culture of the population and provide knowledge in the environmental protection field – especially in the forest, which suffers the most under human activity.

Location: In the trees near Kihnu 1
Submitted by: Aljona Tubaleva

Code for voting -> Lasnamäe16

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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