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Ideas for Mustamäe's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Mustamäe's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 104,860 will be given to Mustamäe for use in 2021. As per the expert committee's decision, eight ideas will be put to the vote in Mustamäe District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.

Mustamäe, Culture, and Free Time

Weatherproof and Anti-Theft Musical Instruments for Landscaped Areas (Mustamäe01)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: The end of Sõpruse pst 263a
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Mustamäe01

Mustamäe, Children and the Youth

Outdoor Fitness Attractions for Preschoolers in Parditiigi Park (Mustamäe02)

The purpose is to offer children a healthy and physical activity in fresh air with their parents. Children and parents can spend time together while exercising in the new activity park. The activity park also presents an exciting and active way to spend your free time which will encourage you to think about going outside with your child more often. Besides exercise devices for preschoolers, there is a proposal to install attractions for adults on a wood chip surface. The area for the attractions will be near the exercise devices in Parditiigi Park (Tammsaare Road 72 behind the building). A good reference for the children's outdoor activity park is located in Mezaparks, Riga. See videos hereand here See illustrative images here

Location: Parditiigi Park
Submitted by: Marek Tooming

Code for voting -> Mustamäe02

Mustamäe, Safety

Streetlights in the Dark Courtyards of Mustamäe (Mustamäe03)

Dark spots in Mustamäe include the courtyard between the buildings of Sõpruse pst 188 and 192 and the Ehitajate tee 68 bus stop in the E.Vilde tee direction. It should be possible to walk around the bus stop safely. People send their children to kindergarten in the dark. Sometimes the installation of one or two streetlights can make the way from the bus stop to the house a lot safer and less traumatic and walking on the paved path becomes even more comfortable. Lights that work on solar power will also help the city of Tallinn to accomplish its goal of becoming the European Green Capital. There should at least be illuminated posts installed (similar to highways) or hang wreaths with lanterns from November to March (or put up lights on the trees).

Location: The courtyard between the buildings of Sõpruse pst 188 and 192, Ehitajate tee 68
Submitted by: Natalja Fomenko

Code for voting -> Mustamäe03

Mustamäe, Urban Environment

Mural Paintings, Supergraphics of Nature and Animals in Mustamäe (Mustamäe04)

Art on walls/unused objects will definitely add value to the locals as it makes their local area more beautiful and inspiring. Art related to local nature and animals is educational and invites people to enjoy and respect nature and their surroundings. The residents of the city can pick out the animals and plants that grow in nature which will be made into big supergraphics murals.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Vahur Agar, Helena Hanni

Code for voting -> Mustamäe04

Mustamäe, Sport

Tallinn Secondary School No 32 Ball Games Arena(Mustamäe05)

The objective is to build courts for ball games (to be ice rinks in the winter) for the constantly developing sports arena of Tallinn Secondary School No 32. This way, anyyone who is interested can also play tennis and table tennis in addition to basketball and volleyball. 32.KK's sports arena is one of the most varied among Estonian schools today and is open daily for everyone. 32.KK's sports arena is one of the most actively used sports parks in Mustamäe. The interest in creating opportunities for new ball games is widespread among the sports community. Thus, continuing to develop the sports arena is very necessary and important. The ball games courts would be open year-round for everyone.

Location: Kiili 10
Submitted by: Meelis Raiend

Code for voting -> Mustamäe05

Mustamäe, Safety

Streetlights in Sääse (Mustamäe06)

There is a dark spot behind the houses of Mustamäe tee 149 and Sääse 9. Streetlights and new asphalt is needed there. The street is bumpy and uneven, it is the only street in the microdistrict of Sääse where there are no streeetlights, and liliac bushes grow on both sides of the street so that if two people pass each other in opposite directions, one of them has to bend down in order for the other to pass. In the autumn the leaves are slippery and in the winter there is snow and ice. When it gets dark, it is pitch-black to the point where you can't see where you are stepping.

Location: The area behind the houses of Mustamäe tee 149 and Sääse 9
Submitted by: Lembe Soosaar

Code for voting -> Mustamäe06

Mustamäe, Urban Environment

Installation of Streetlights in Kadaka Park (Mustamäe07)

Kadaka Park hosts various target groups:young mothers with children, retired people, dog owners, and just passersby. However, when it is dark it is unsafe to be there.

Location: Kadaka Park
Submitted by: Natalia Vellemaa

Code for voting -> Mustamäe07

Mustamäe, Sport

Outdoor Tennis Court with Artificial Grass in Mustamäe (Mustamäe08)

Tennis is very popular in the whole world and not only by spectatorship. Tennis as a workout and its health benefits are talked about more and more, because tennis is a great fitness activity at least for three reasons. Tennis is suitable for all age groups – anyone old enough to hold a racket. From there, everything depends on your general fitness level. Tennis equipment is also relatively inexpensive and you do not need a lot of space to store it.
Tennis is a prestigious sport which requires politeness and good manners, which is very necessary for young people today. Thus, I want to present the following idea to the idea contest – to build an outside tennis court in Mustamäe. In other districts, tennis courts already exist and find a lot of use. Modern technology allows us to construct weatherproof artificial grass courts with low maintenance costs. On the court, it would be also possible to offer free practices for children who live in the district. Exercise walls could also be planned on the courts, for players without a partner to practice.

Location: Vilde tee 69
Submitted by: Ave Valge-Kask

Code for voting -> Mustamäe08

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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