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Ideas for Nõmme's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Nõmme's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 92,240 euros will be given to Nõmme for use in 2021.As per the expert committee's decision, eleven ideas will be put to the vote in Nõmme District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.

Nõmme, Urban Environment

Harku Forest Pond Bridge and Bird Observation Tower (Nõmme01)

Thousands of Nõmme residents and other residents of Tallinn could have another great reason to come to enjoy nature. The island in the middle of the old quarry in Harku forest would be given a new life. The bird observation tower and the bridge would make the Harku trails more attractive and would bring even more Tallinn and Nõmme residents closer to nature.

Location: Kalda tänav 1
Submitted by: Rainer Vakra

Code for voting -> Nõmme01

Nõmme, Children, and the Youth

Family Area in Kivimäe (Nõmme02)

Nõmme is a place full of trees and life but unfortunately, the district lacks public family and rest areas which could also offer active recreation for people of all ages. Yet different generations, often together as a family, have chosen Nõmme as their home.Therefore, St John's School, which is building a new school house on the address of Kivimäe 25, hopes to create a family area in the surrounding forest park with the help of the budget. The target of the complex is to accommodate everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities.
In Männisalu, there will be a outdoor gym, a children's climbing area covered with bark chippings, a running track, long jump area, natural football court and half-court basketball court with tartan flooring. Since the schoolhouse will become an educational and cultural centre offering lectures, concerts, training courses and hobby groups to anyone who is interested, the varied outdoor area will give families a chance to join activities inside and outside. We will also offer food in the school cafeteria.
The construction of the St John's School building will start this year, and our goal is to maintain the current landscape as much as possible. If we get the city's support, the opening of the family area in the fresh air of the pine forest will take place in the summer-autumn of this year regardless of the completion of the school building. Look at the images here!

Location: Kivimäe 25
Submitted by: Evely Timuska, St John's School Foundation

Code for voting -> Nõmme02

Nõmme, Children, and the Youth

Installation of Männiku playground (Nõmme03)

The district lacks a large playground where children can spend time on weekends and after school/ kindergarten. There are two kindergartens and a small fenced off playground in the district at the moment, so the locals would probably not object to this idea. For the project, we intend to install a basketball court, a resting area with benches, an outdoor gym and proper streetlights. The piece of land should be between houses, away from the road and the traffic.

Location: Männiku tee 92b
Submitted by: Carmen Variksaar

Code for voting -> Nõmme03

Nõmme, Culture, and Free Time

Sound source of Männimetsa (Nõmme04)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: Vabaduse Park, Sihi 98
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting -> Nõmme04

Nõmme, Sport

Installation of Outdoor Gyms in Nõmme Sports Center and Hiiu (Nõmme05)

Exercising and spending time outside is becoming more and more popular and with that comes the necessity to offer better conditions and additional opportunities. The outdoor gym with adjustable weights will give enthusiasts and athletes an excellent opportunity to be active in the fresh air. Nõmme Sports Center and its fitness trails are very popular and an important place for many people to move their bodies every day. The existing outdoor conditions are satisfactory or rather poor. The cost of the project would also fit building a second outdoor gym in Hiiu into the Nõmme participatory budget. A "Street workout" kit would be installed into the outdoor gym with 3 Omnigym devices: 1 squat bench (in addition to squats, the device can also be used to perform shoulder lifts from the chest or behind the head in a standing position, as well as leg stretches), chest press bench (tin addition to chest presses, you can also train your trap muscles when standing on the ground; when standing on the bench without shoes, it is also possible to perform power lifting exercies), body bench. This project can be realised by joining the outdoor gyms that are inside and behind the fence in Nõmme Sports Centre. Additionally, the outdoor gym at the start of the Hiiu light traffic road could be upgraded.

Location: Külmallika 15 and Harkumetsa Road T1
Submitted by: Alo Lõoke

Code for voting -> Nõmme05

Nõmme, Children, and the Youth

Expanding the Playground on Piiri Street (Nõmme06)

The purpose is to modernize, renovate, and develop new children's playgrounds in Nõmme. A lot of them have deteriorated, some parts are broken and dangerous. Two playgrounds near Nõmme Center which need immediate attention are at the beginning of Vana-Mustamäe Street (near the market) and Piiri Street.

Location: Piiri tänav 8a
Submitted by: Tõnis Pärn

Code for voting -> Nõmme06

Nõmme, Sport

Pääsküla and Harku Fitness Trails' Surface Reconstruction (Nõmme07)

The surface of the Pääsküla and Harku fitness trails has deteriorated and it worsens from year to year. The paths are in a bad shape, uneven and muddy, some parts are impassable. During the wet season (3/4 of the year) the trails are especially uncomfortable to use. The trails are dangerous when cycling in the rain (you can get stuck in the mud and fall off) and it dirties pedestrians' and cyclists' clothes and equipment. Repairing the trails will invite more people to use them and would increase the quality of recreation and exercise of current trail users and increase use of the trail.

Location: Pääsküla Bog and Harku (Kalda St 1a) fitness trails
Submitted by: Robert Peterson

Code for voting -> Nõmme07

Nõmme, Urban Environment

The installation of bike paths on Raudtee Street (Tähe Street - Ränduri Street) (Nõmme08)

If we installed a bike path on Raudtee Street separated from the road by cones and/or painted red, it would create a safer environment for cycling.This would also create a great opportunity for TNG students and cyclists who do not wish to use the bike path on Pärnu Road due to the noise. The project can be realised by moving the cones to the right or left side of the road, leaving enough room for cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Location: Raudtee Street, between Tähe and Ränduri
Submitted by: Karl Pillak

Code for voting -> Nõmme08

Nõmme, Urban Environment

Mural paintings, Supergraphics of Nature and Animals in Nõmme (Nõmme09)

Art on walls/unused objects will definitely add value to the locals as it makes their local area more beautiful and inspiring. Art related to local nature and animals is educational and invites people to enjoy and respect nature and their surroundings. The residents of the city can pick out the animals and plants that grow in nature which will be made into big supergraphics murals.

Location: Hiiu Street 30, Lõuna Street 50a, Võidu puiestik, Pärnu Road 266
Submitted by: Vahur Agar, Helena Hanni

Code for voting -> Nõmme09

Nõmme, Urban Environment

Stairs for the Hillside between Tallinn Street and the Railway (Nõmme10)

There is a need to improve the safe mobility of people and vehicles and we see an opportunity to do that for the residents of this district. Ensuring safety on the railway is important. When we fenced the area around it, we found that the residents of Uuresti and Tallinna Streets had difficulties accessing the light traffic road that goes from the intersection of Pärnu Road and Kõrge Street towards Nõmme Centre. The mentioned road goes over the railroad and the stairways only go in three directions. In order to finish the construction logically, a stairway needs to be built between the hillside of Tallinna Street and the railway. A few hundred people who would be able to access Rahumäe railway stop, Rahumäe cemetery and bus stop number 23 are interested in this.

Location: Kitsarööpa Road T3
Submitted by: Vello Loemaa

Code for voting -> Nõmme10

Nõmme, Children, and the Youth

The renewal of the playground of Õie Park (Nõmme11)

The aim is to improve the children's playground that is situated on the corner of Õie, Sihi, and Pesa Streets. The area of the attractions should be covered with a modern surface material, and paths should be built at a proper angle and covered with paving stones that are appropriate to Nõmme. There could be a traffic town for children. Many children come to the park but the park paths are covered with mud and large puddles for most of the year. It is impossible for smaller children toride a scooter or a bike and loose stones can make the path dangerous. Modern materials should be used – other playgrounds in Tallinn have long forgotten about oil shale ash and sand.

Location: Õie Street 40
Submitted by: Tiia Rets

Code for voting-> Nõmme11

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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