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Ideas for Northern-Tallinn's budget

Ideas for Northern-Tallinn's budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 102,010 euros will be given to Mustamäe for use in 2021. As per the expert committee’s decision, thirteen ideas will be put to the vote in Põhja-Tallinn District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and  go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.


Northern Tallinn, Sports

A Disc Golf Track at Koplirand (Põhja-Tallina01)

There are very few disc golf courses in Tallinn;in Maarjamäe, Lauluväljak and Õismäe. Most courses are situated outside of the city but people often do not have the time or the motivation to drive so far, and want to play a quick round inside the city. There are no courses near Northern Tallinn. A disc golf course in Northern Tallinn in Kopli District would bring individuals to an area that is otherwise unused to practise sports.

Location: Meeruse Port towards Koplirand (nearest point Kopliranna Street 25)
Submitted by: Johann Ortin Õun

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn01

Northern Tallinn, Sports

Football Court at Stroomi Beach (Põhja-Tallinn02)

A small-sized football court could be built at Stroomi beach where also five- or six-year-olds could play. A similar one is situated near the stadium of A le Coq – up to 10 people can play there which is a bit more realistic for amateurs.

Location: Stroomi Beach (near the intersection of Puhangu and Pelguranna Street)
Submitted by: Vitaly Beschastny

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn02

Northern Tallinn, Children and Youth

Kalamaja Outdoor Library (Põhja-Tallinn03)

There are 516 students in Kalamaja Basic School (as of 12.2019). This idea originates from a sixth grader's idea to install greenhouses in the yard, similar to the one in Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films. The school's library is a beloved place for the children, but if they had a cosy place to read outdoors it would bring kids out into the fresh air more. An outdoor library will would create an opportunity to have classes in a different environment. An outdoor library would also be an attractive place for Kalamaja residents who could organize community activities there in addition to exchanging/reading books . There are many outdoor libraries around the world because they make the city more attractive, increase readership and a sense of community. It is important for the place to be close to a school and in the heart of Kalamaja. The idea has been coordinated with the school and Salme Kultuurikeskus. In addition to the greenhouse, a floor/terrace and furniture (shelves, chairs, outside benches) should be installed. It is important to install electricity and lighting in the outdoor library. We are also weighing the option of getting a heater to keep the place cosy and more suitable for storing books. In the budget of the project, we also find it important to leave resources for purchasing books but we foresee that we can also gather books with the help of the community.

Location: Salme Street T1
Submitted by: Piret Hartman, Kalamaja Põhikooli Board of Trustees, Kalama Põhikooli, Salme Kultuurikeskus

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn03

Northern Tallinn, Safety

Kass August's Promenade on Kopli Street (Põhja-Tallinn04)

Kass August's Kopli Street gallery-promenade was created in order to increase the safety of light traffic road users and to diversify the city environment between Salme tram stop and Telliskivi Rimi, an area used as a street-parking lot. At the moment, there is no sidewalk on that side, although there are as many non-motorised road users as on the other side. By changing the road to one-way and narrowing the parking lot, a multifunctional room for non-motorised road user that is 3.5 metres wide is created. A promenade with distinctive surfaces is separated from the road by a 1-metre-wide strip of land that has a gallery, landscaping, benches, garbage bins, swings, bicycle parking, legendary cat August who lives in a concrete building next door in Kalamaja, drinking tap, outdoor counters, etc.Learn more here!

Location: The area between Telliskivi Rimi and Salme tram stop
Submitted by: Ülle Maiste, Meelis Luukas, Ivika Holm

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn04

Northern Tallinn, Children and Youth

Park on Kolde puiestee (Põhja-Tallinn05)

The space around their home could offer children more opportunities to spend their time outdoors safely and enjoyably and to encourage the residents of the district to walk and cycle more. In Pelgulinn, there could be a balance course for people of all ages and a cycling track from wood (pump track). Attractions (balance course and pump track) will invite people to move in the fresh air and can be put into the Kolde puiestee Park that is in the heart of Pelgulinn, using the existing landscape and diversifying its uses. This is a meeting point for the community where there are opportunities for young scooter riders and skateboarders but interesting activities for others are lacking. Above all, children who are living and studying in Pelgulinn will benefit from this idea – the possibility to develop their cycling skills, fitness and balance, and invent new games in a safe environment. A well-designed balance course will offer the joy of exercise to adults as well. Check out more information and illustrative material here!

Location: Ristiku Street 59/ Kolde puiestee T2, Kolde puiestee park
Submitted by: Kaire Luht

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn05

Northern Tallinn, Sports

Multifunctional Sports Court next to Sõle Stadion (Põhja-Tallinn06)

In Northern Tallinn, there is a lack of sports courts, thus this particular sports court would provide an opportunity for children in Northern Tallinn to fill their time with physical activity. In the rest of Estonia, similar minicourts have found a lot of positive feedback and active use after founding.
The measurements of the courts with artificial turf are 34x18 cm. Children and teens can play football, basketball and volleyball on the sports court but also take part in other sports games (such as dodgeball, tennis, etc.). Since the sports court has lighting, it is possible to make an ice court there during winter months.
Three kindergartens and two schools are situated near the court, thus it opens up an opportunity for the students to use the court for their physical education classes. See the plan of the court here

Location: Sõle 40a (a territory near the basketball court)
Submitted by: Raimo Nõu

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn06

Northern Tallinn, Children, and Youth

Playground on the Sitsi 2 Green Area (Põhja-Tallinn07)

The issue is that the district's children have nowhere to walk, there is not even a small playground. The children are forced to climb the fence at the Tallinna Kopli hobby school to find a place to play. This is not a safe or sustainable activity. We need our own playground where it would be safe to send our children to play.

Location: Sitsi 2 green area
Submitted by: Valeria Zujeva

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn07

Northern Tallinn, Other

Mural paintings, Supergraphics of the Nature and Animals in Northern Tallinn (Põhja-Tallinn08)

Art on substation walls will definitely add value to the locals as their local area becomes more beautiful and inspiring. Art related to local nature and animals is educational and invites people to enjoy and respect nature and their surroundings. The residents of the city can pick out the animals and plants that grow in the nature which will be made into big supergraphics mural paintings.

Location: substations, fences, etc.
Submitted by: Vahur Agar, Helena Hanni

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn08

Northern Tallinn, Children and Youth

Stroomi Beach Pump Track (Põhja-Tallinn09)

It is important to create attractive opportunities for children and teens so they would develop a habit of spending time outdoors. A pump track is a good way to do this because it is suitable for the whole family and a good replacement for a playground. Stroomi Beach and Merimetsa fitness trail are very popular among their users. A pump track is the first step to creating cycling opportunities in this area and could be used by cyclists, BMX bikes, skaters, skateboarders and scooters.In the future, there could be also a training trail for mountain bikes.

Location: The area between Stroomi Beach and Merimetsa Fitness Trail
Submitted by: Alo Lõoke

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn09

Northern Tallinn, Safety

Sõle Library Streetlights (Põhja-Tallinn10)

Adding extra lighting will improve safety because in this area people go to shops and walk home and when it is dark, that part is very scary to pass by. There should be extra lightning in front of Sõle library.

Location: Sõle 47b
Submitted by: Vasili Ivanov

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn10

Northern Tallinn, Urban Environment

Landscaping the Tramways Contact Network Piles (Põhja-Tallinn11)

The previously used tramway contact network metal piles are now useless and it would be possible to plant climbing plants on them so they would add greenery to the city. The idea involves increasing the greenery of the city, the design of landscaping, improving ecology, creating a cosy urban environment and it is an excellent way to use industrial and technological structures in the city space. Definitely an additional argument is the contest for the name of European Green Capital for 2023.

Location: across the whole district
Submitted by: Viktor Sossulin

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn11

Northern Tallinn, Sports

Universal Sports Court at Stroomi Beach (Põhja-Tallinn12)

Since the Stroomi football court needs improvement, our idea is to turn the existing football court into a universal sports court where it would be possible to play mini football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and badminton. Installing universal sports courts would allow a lot of residents of Tallinn to exercise right by their houses and would help popularise sports among the masses. See the more detailed plan of the court here

Location: Stroomi Beach football court (near the intersection of Puhagu and Pelguranna Street)
Submitted by: Viktoria Zubkova

Code for voting ->Põhja-Tallinn12

Northern Tallinn, Safety

Lighted Crosswalk for Ehte Street (Põhja-Tallinn13)

The proposal is to install a lighted pedestrian crosswalk between the buildings of Ehte Street 1 and 2. About 1500 individuals per day cross Ehte Street unsafely in the area between Ehte Street 2 and Ehtre Street 1. They are the residents of the district and the students of Ehte Humanitarian Gymnasium. Ehtre Street also provides access to Pelgulinna Selver. The vehicles parked on the street block visibility on both sides and can cause dangerous situations.

Location: Ehte Street 1
Submitted by: Mihkel Oja

Code for voting -> Põhja-Tallinn13

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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