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Ideas for Pirita's Participatory Budget

Ideas for Pirita's Participatory Budget

Out of Tallinn's participatory budget, 83,480 euros will be given to Pirita for use in 2021. As per the expert committee's decision, five ideas will be put to the vote in Pirita District.

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

Ideas that have made it to the vote are arranged in alphabetical order.


Pirita, Other

Cleaning up author Heino Kiik's Dendrological Park and Installing a Memorial Plaque (Pirita01)

The proposal is to tidy up the dendrological park, put signs up for the plants that grow in the park, and to install a memorial plaque for Heino Kiik. The beloved Estonian author Heino Kiik best known for his novel "A Japanese Woman Loved Me") had a summer house in Pirita, on Suislepa Road during the Soviet period. Mr. Kiik is an agronomist by his education and is a graduate of both the Estonian University of Life Sciences and Räpina School of Horticulture. His passion and great love besides writing novels were plants. Heino Kiik founded a small dendrological park in the 1970s in Mähe, Suislepa Road (this land now belongs to the city) where many rare plants found a place to grow. After Estonian re-independence the dendrological park was not kept up with. Today the plants are already 50 years old but they still please the eye.

Location: Suislepa Road 28
Submitted by: Erik Vest

Code for voting -> Pirita01

Pirita, Sport

Renewing the Tennis Court's Artificial Grass in Kose Vak (Pirita02)

There are no proper tennis courts in the district of Pirita after the Pirita TOP tennis halls were gotten rid of. For Kose VAK TK, artificial grass is the best solution in our climate because it dries fast after it rains, is foot friendly, and only requires maintenance once per year (for example, clay-sand courts need maintenance every day). Artificial grass is a great solution because it is suitable for the Estonian climate, polythene endures cold until -40 degrees and the long period of use permits the court to be used from the time the snow has melted to the start of the new winter. At least once a year in the spring, the court needs maintenance (needs to brushed and sand needs to be added). If this is done, it will last a minimum of ten years, even with intensive use (in Rocca Al Mare tennis centre we installed the first artificial grass in 2005, and it was renewed after 10 years, and there was no maintenance actually done on those courts). In Viimsi town, the booking of sports courts (including two artificial grass courts) has been organised very well. There is no administrator and the key is not shared.

Location: Puhkekodu tee 55b
Joint idea: Kaie Vähesoo, Lea Nilson

Code for voting ->Pirita 02

Pirita, Urban Environment

Information Boards Introducing Pirita's History, Valuable Objects and Districts (Pirita03)

The idea is to install information board that will introduce significant object and districts all over Pirita. The proposal has an education goal and helps with shaping a unified identity in the community. Pirita also lacks sculptures (I think Estonians do not pay too much attention to them) and also fountains. There could be some on the Pirita Beach, even in Merivälja Park. For making the sculptures, it might be good to have a "limestone day" where all the artists gather together to create art. There could be an audience who would watch the artists in action. Graven stones here and there would suit the environment of Pirita well. Large information boards about the historical district with a description about the history would help with presenting the atmosphere as a value of Pirita and would make the district more attractive to live in, as well as increase the preparedness of the residents to change their homes to suit the environment.

Location: Pirita River Valley Protected Landscape
Submitted by: Merivälja Aedlinna Selts

The code for voting -> Pirita03

Pirita, Culture, and Free Time

Pirita Promenade Musical Trail (Pirita04)

We want to create a new opportunity to spend time in the fresh air which joins both physical and mental activities. We will install weather and theft-proof musical instruments on different landscaped areas in order to create a musical journey in Tallinn where everyone can participate. We will develop the following idea: 'An instrument for every child' and we will help find a pleasant activity in the fresh air for disabled individuals and seniors. We believe that music has a healing power that unites people and levels out the differences between age, race, religion, and culture.

Location: Pirita tee 110
Submitted by: Valeria Saber

Code for voting ->Pirita04

Pirita, Sport

Installation of Pump track in Pirita(Pirita05)

Pirita has been a cycling centre for decades and to this day Pirita has two big cycling clubs, Jaan Kirsipuu Rattakool and Kalevi Jalgrattakool. This would be a great opportunity to enrich the existing cycling culture where cycling enthusiats of each age can bike. The track is suitable for the whole family, both for fitness and recreation. The track does not need maintenance, and lasts for a long time. Cyclists, BMX cyclists, skateboarders, skaters, scooter riders can all use the trail. It is possible to exercise on the pump track with skateboards, roller skaters, scooters, and bicycles.

Location: Rummu Road 3
Submitted by: Priit Aunroos

The code for voting -> Pirita05

Pick an idea you want to vote for, remember the idea's code, and go vote!

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Last modified 27.01.2024