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Bulky waste

Bulky waste

Bulky waste is large waste that cannot be placed in a waste container due to its weight or volume. The place for bulky waste is not among household waste! 



Bulky waste is: 

 furniture items and their parts (e.g. sofa, table, shelf); 
rugs, other floor coverings;
 curtains and curtain rods;
 big flowerpots;
 coat racks;
sports equipment;
 broken skis and sleds;
 Christmas trees.

Bulk waste is not: 

construction and renovation waste (e.g. toilet bowl, sink, bathtub, windows, doors, wallpaper, paint rollers);
hazardous waste (e.g. empty paint cans, asbestos cement);
products of concern (e.g. scrap vehicle spare parts, tyres);
scrap metal;
electrical and electronic equipment (e.g. washing machine, TV, refrigerator, stove);
other waste that is the manufacturer’s responsibility.


Bulky waste can be handed over as part of organised waste transport
  • An apartment building either has a fixed day for the collection of bulky waste or the building orders the transportation of bulky waste from the waste hauler in its region if necessary;
  • agree on the need for transport with the representative of your apartment association. Bulky waste may not be left anywhere without an agreement;
  • Place bulky waste in the immediate vicinity of waste containers or, in the case of a single-family house, on the boundary of the property;
  • the waste hauler will take the bulky waste within three days of placement of the order.

PLEASE NOTE! If the item is intact, clean and tidy, give it a chance to be useful to someone else!
  • Sell/give it away for free on buying and selling portals (e.g. Facebook).
  • Take it to flea markets or second-hand stores.
  • The Re-use Centre will pick up intact and neat/clean furniture itself and take it away for free!
  • Tallinn waste treatment plants accept usable furniture free of charge. An additional fee must be paid for unusable furniture according to the bulky waste price list.
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Last modified 21.02.2024