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Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard waste must be collected separately from other waste! Paper and cardboard can be recycled as material if it is collected dry and clean. 



Paper and carton waste include:

  • newspapers, magazines, catalogues and advertising materials
  • notebooks, paper and cardboard folders, printed and clean writing and drawing paper
  • envelopes, books without covers

PLEASE NOTE! Dirty or wet paper and cardboard, household paper, used paper dishes, paper and cardboard packaging, film, foil and copy paper must not be placed in the paper and cardboard waste container.


Paper and cardboard waste must be collected in a separate container:
  • in all residential buildings with at least five apartments;
  • in institutions and companies
PLEASE NOTE! If the property is not obliged to have a container for collecting paper and cardboard waste, said waste must still be collected separately from other waste. Waste paper and cardboard waste is included in the organised waste transportation system. Anyone can order emptying from the operator in their region or drop it off for free at the city’s waste treatment plants.

Description of the service: organised waste transport

Last modified 21.02.2024