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Green Economy Cluster

Green Economy Cluster

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Green Economy Cluster is developed by the Estonian Waste Recycling Competence Center. Main objectives of the cluster are to increase the amounts of waste recycled in Estonia, to produce from waste products compliant to quality standards and certified and to share experiences of companies on waste recycling.

Competence fields:

  • Development and promotion of sustainable management of resources
  • Waste recycling
  • Produce from waste products (compliant to quality standards and certified)
  • Seminars and roundtables
  • Waste management consultations
  • Waste management training sessions
  • Certification of recyclable materials

Looking for:

Partners in different international waste recycling projects; Market for recycled materials; New possibilities to recycle waste; Partners for international trainings.

Cluster members:

20 members, including

    • 16 companies
    • 2 research and educational institutions (Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University of Technology)
    • Estonian Water Works Association
    • Estonian Waste Recycling Competence Center


Margit Rüütelmann_rohemajanduse klaster.jpg

Margit Rüütelmann

Cluster Manager

[email protected]
+372 51 30 698

Last modified 06.06.2022