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Logistics Cluster

Your Logi(sti)cal Choice

Cluster overview:Estonian-Logistics-Cluster_logo.jpg

The Estonian Logistics Cluster is a joint initiative dedicated to the international marketing of the members’ services, introduction of the logistic advantages of Estonia at the target markets, research and development, and logistics education.

Looking for:

Development of European logistics network in cooperation with other clusters (e.g. Logistics Clusters in Europe);
Development of innovative and smart new products in cooperation with other clusters (e.g. IT-cluster).


Competence fields:

The activities of the Cluster make a whole and are necessary for achieving the objectives:

  • joint marketing action plan – export growth;
  • production capacity sharing action plan – competitiveness and new competitive advantages;
  • Communication action plan – shared understanding;
  • Information technology action plan – innovation, key technologies

Cluster members:

17 Partners= 14 Enterprises + 2 Universities + 1 Association. Companies profiles are available on the Estonian Logistics Cluster webpage

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Andres Valgerist_ Logistikaklaster.jpg

Andres Valgerist

Cluster Manager

+372 51 52 270

Last modified 06.06.2022