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Medicine Export Cluster Medicine Estonia

Medicine Estonia is the gateway to treatment in Estonia.

Cluster overview:

Medicine Estonia cluster is a promotional organisation supporting its members in increasing their exports of medical services. The Medicine Estonia cluster brings together the best and best-known hospitals, clinics, laboratories, rehabilitation centres and other medical institutions, all of which are renowned for their top-quality care, desire to provide successful treatment and attentive attitude to patients. The Medicine Estonia Cluster is a guarantee of quality – services are of the highest possible quality and the members of the cluster focus directly on providing services to foreign patients in Estonia.

Looking for:

Cluster is open for cooperation with medical institutions, treatment financers and professional intermediaries for patients wishing to expand their business, and patients seeking treatment in Estonia to guide them to the contact details of cluster members.

Competence fields:

Medical services provided by the members:

  • Health check-ups
  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment
  • Operations
  • Second opinions in practically every field of medicine
  • Other fields of medical services export

Cluster members:

16 companies, including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, laboratories, research centres, universities, and other medicine-related clusters; companies profiles can be found on the webpage.

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Inge Suder Medicine Export Cluster.png

Inge Suder

Project manager

Last modified 06.06.2022