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Connected Health Cluster makes innovation in mental health accessible to all

Connected Health Cluster makes innovation in mental health accessible to all

The pandemic still making the rounds all over the world has brought further attention to mental health issues. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more young people struggling with mental health. At the same time, we have to remember that the world’s population is ageing and there is more and more talk of depression and other mental health issues taking a toll on the elderly.

To bring the focus on mental health and support business development and innovation in this field, the Connected Health Cluster is inviting experts and innovation leaders to join the Mental Health Hub to empower mental health businesses with the help of the cluster.

Members of the Mental Health Hub will be able to share experiences and offer support and mentoring to early-stage start-ups and creators of new initiatives. The cluster will help find funding opportunities for good ideas (i.e. through grants and project funding) and support members with communication. We organise various workshops, seminars and events for our members.

Joining the Mental Health Hub

The hub brings together innovators, academics, healthcare providers, health insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies. There are several ways to join the Hub.

  • By joining the contract for services offered by Science and Business Park Tehnopol, you will gain access to all of Tehnopol’s business services involved with the contract for services.
  • If you join the Connected Health Cluster, in addition to Tehnopol’s contract for services, you will have access to all of Tehnopol’s business services as well as the services targeted towards Cluster members.
  • You can also become a support member in order to be involved with the community and receive invites to events.

The Connected Health Cluster will support the mental health area in terms of cooperation opportunities for communication and information sharing, partnerships, funding, external markets, etc.

First Hub event to take place on 9 November

The first event of the Mental Health Hub will take place on 9 November at 14:00 on the Tehnopol campus. You can also attend the event online.

We will be discussing:

  • how to support mental health with technology;
  • how to engage in scientific cooperation to bring science-based solutions to the market; and
  • whom you should work with to bring the solutions developed to as many people as possible.

You can register for the event in Fienta.

The Connected Health Cluster led by Science and Business Park Tehnopol is Estonia’s biggest healthcare tech community, uniting health service providers, health tech companies and all other key interest groups in the field. The cluster’s support enables domestic cooperation projects and the export of health technological solutions to other countries. The activities of the cluster are co-financed by Enterprise Estonia.

Source: Estonian HealthTech Cluster