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R&D institutions

R&D institutions

One of the traits of a cluster is cooperation between educational and research institutions, the key role of which is the creation and transfer of knowledge and technologies and the development of a labour force relevant to the cluster. The following educational and research institutions provide their competences to Estonian clusters:

Tallinn University of Technology
Estonian ICT Cluster, The Estonian Logistics Cluster, Estonian Road Cluster, Medical Services Export Cluster Medicine Estonia, Waste Recycling Cluster, Estonian ICT Export Cluster, Wind Power Cluster, Estonian Boatyards Cluster, Timber Construction Cluster, Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster, Estonian HealthTech Cluster, Defence- and Security Cluster,Estonian Cell Therapy Cluster, FinanceEstonia Cluster, Spacetechnology Cluster, Furniture Cluster Estonia.

Tartu University

Cell Therapy Cluster, Estonian HealthTech Cluster, FinanceEstonia Cluster, Estonian ICT Cluster,Smart City e- and m-Services Cluster, Defence- and Security Cluster.

Tallinn University

Film Industry Cluster,Estonian ICT Cluster , Sports Medicine Cluster SportEST, Medical Services Export Cluster Medicine Estonia.

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Wind Power Cluster, Waste Recycling Cluster,Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster, Defence- and Security Cluster

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Estonian Logistics Cluster

Estonian Academy of Arts

ESTRONICS – Smart Electronics Cluster

TTK University of Applied Sciences

Road Cluster, Wind Technology Cluster

Last modified 23.06.2022