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Teaching children crisis preparedness through games

Teaching children crisis preparedness through games

The new year has brought wonderful encounters with children of different ages and their teachers from various kindergartens in Tallinn. People from the Municipal Police Crisis Preparedness Sector, together with the snow leopard Laurie, have been playing the floor game ‘Home Crisis Supplies’ in kindergartens. Through the game, children learn what a crisis is and how to get by at home. The pictures on the various playing cards let children discuss what kinds of emergency supplies they should have at home. Children in older groups can practise their reading, as each card has the item’s name written in block letters.

The little ones have been very satisfied with the game and have expressed a desire to play the game again in the future. Feedback from teachers has also been positive.

We would be happy to visit your nursery too! The game is also suitable for primary school children as well as for family outings.

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