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Tondi viaduct construction temporarily stops tram service in the Tondi area

Tondi viaduct construction temporarily stops tram service in the Tondi area

Starting Friday, March 15, the reconstruction works of the Tondi railway crossing resume, leading to changes in traffic management and a temporary suspension of tram service in the Tondi area.

During the works, asphalt laying will occur on the first lane of Kotka Street (near Kotka Street 1), and milling of the pavement on the second lane. Traffic management will only change between the lanes of Kotka Street. In the section of Tondi Street tramway, utility networks will be reconstructed, and the tramway rebuilt. Consequently, Tondi Street will be closed from Alevi Street intersection to Tondi crossing for the duration of the construction works.

Due to the construction works at Tondi railway crossing, the Tondi tram terminal will be closed from March 15 to August 1. During this period, tram lines No. 3 and 4 will be shortened to the Vana-Lõuna tram terminal. Tram lines No. 1, 2, and 5 will continue on their regular routes until May 3, 8:00 PM. On the morning of March 15, officials from the City Centre District Government will be available at the Tallinn-Väike and Tondi tram stops to explain the traffic changes and direct people to bus stops as needed.

The Tondi viaduct construction is expected to last until the end of 2024. To ensure safety crossing the railway, the Tondi street railway crossing will be reconstructed — instead of the previous crossing, a new underpass will be constructed, with new and safer pedestrian paths, ramps, and stairs to improve access to the railway platform. Additional information about the Tondi railway crossing construction works and traffic management can be found on the website
Information materials will be placed at public transport stops with changed routes. Schedules, a trip planner, route maps, and stop locations will be available on the website by the start of the construction.