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Kultuuriöö is a one-day youth culture festival in Tallinn's urban space.

On the last Friday of August, the city and culture festival takes place again over the years Kultuuriöö. For one day, evening and night, creation, self-expression, music and art will take over different and unexpected points of the urban space.

Kultuuriöö goal is to enliven our urban space, to encourage new brushstrokes on a new canvas.

Kultuuriöö was launched by the then Tallinn Culture Board in 2015, inspired by Helsinki's Taideiden yö and Iceland's Menningarnótt (Culture Night). The first Kultuuriöö festival took place on August 29, 2015 in Tallinn's old town and by the sea. Tallinners and guests could enjoy free concerts, improvisation and circus performances, cinema screenings, and participate in excursions, exhibitions and workshops from the evening until midnight. 39 events took place in 16 different places. Tallinna Philharmonia, festival Circus Tree 2015, Tallinn City Museum, Corelli Music, cinema "Sõprus" and the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design were the cooperation partners of the Tallinn Cultural Heritage Board. The last Kultuuriöö took place in 2023. The majority of the festival program took place in the old town: concerts, excursions, workshops, exhibitions, performances and cinema screenings.

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Last modified 09.11.2023