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Tallinn Day

Tallinn Day

Tallinn Day is an annual event celebrated on May 15, which commemorates the granting of Lübeck city rights to Tallinn in 1248. With this, Tallinn was accepted into the Union of European Cities. Tallinn Day was held for the first time in 2002. The main goal of organizing the day is to increase the feeling of their hometown among the people of Tallinn and also to introduce both the history and the present day of the city.

For Tallinn Day, the Tallinn Honorary Society is convened, the members of which are the Knights of the Tallinn Order of Merit and Coat of Arms.

As usual, Tallinn Day begins with the opening of the Short Leg Gate for the Prime Minister, where the opening words of the day are delivered by the Mayor of Tallinn and the Prime Minister greets the citizens of the city. As part of the cultural program, both larger and smaller events are held throughout the city, the most anticipated of which are the Tallinn Day recital, the parade of cleaning trucks ending the city's good behavior month, and the annual cultural program across the city.

The schedule of Tallinn Day events will be published on the websitel 


Last modified 09.11.2023