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Meetings of Tallinn City Council

The Chairman of the City Council regulates the work of the city council, calls and presides over the meetings of the City Council.
Meetings of the Tallinn City Council are open. The meetings may be attended by any of the city residents, journalists and government officials and municipal bodies.

Tallinn City Council may hold regular and extraordinary meetings. Regular meetings of Tallinn City Council are held every second Thursday at 4 p.m. unless the Presidium of Tallinn City Council decides otherwise.

The Chairman of the City Council is allowed to convoke extraordinary meetings on his own initiative. The chairman or vice-chairman has the obligation to convoke the meeting if it is requested by:

  •   One fourth of councillors
  •   City Government

Decisions at the meetings of Tallinn City Council are taken by open voting. A secret vote may be requested in accordance with the procedure set by the law. The decisions of City Council shall be taken sometimes by a majority of votes of present councillors, except in cases when the law sets another procedure.

Last modified 19.11.2022