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Mustamäe District Administration

Mustamäe District Administration

Address E. Vilde tee 118, 12614 Tallinn                                                                               
Phone+372 645 7555 and+372 645 7511
[email protected]
Registry code 75014267
City District Governor Aivar Riisalu

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Mustamäe District Administration is an institution of the City of Tallinn that:

  • serves the residents and entrepreneurs of Mustamäe;
  • provides public services;
  • oversees the development of the district and its hubs and other areas;
  • ensures the operation of infrastructure.
Opening hours and reception

Information Desk
Mon 08:15–18:00
Tue, Wed, Thu 08:15–17:00
Fri 08:15–16:00

City District Governor Aivar Riisalu
Phone +372 645 7510
Email: [email protected]

Deputy District Governor Urmas Kõpp
Phone +372 645 7514
Email: [email protected]  

Deputy District Governor
Aleksandra Lorvi
Phone +372 645 7599
[email protected] 

Population Register

Mon 08:15–12:00 and 13:00–17:30
Tue, Thu08:15–12:00 and 13:00–16:30
Fri 08:15–12:00

Social Welfare Department

Social Work Subunit

Mon 09:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:30
Tue 09:00–12:00
Thu 09:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:30

Child Welfare Subunit (registration required for service, please contact your regional official)
Mon 10:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:30
Thu 10:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:30


City District Governor Aivar Riisalu
Phone +372 645 7510
Email: [email protected]

Deputy District Governor Urmas Kõpp
Phone +372 645 7514
[email protected]

Deputy District Governor Aleksandra Lorvi
Phone +372 645 7599
[email protected] 

General Management and Office
Population Register
City Economy Department (Public Order, City Property, Architect, Construction)
Social Welfare Department (Social Work and Child Welfare Subunit)

Administered Institution Mustamäe Day Centre 

Full structure of the Mustamäe District Administration

District Council

The District Council supports and influences the life of the local community and the development of the district. The District Council:

  • participates in designing the development plan and budget strategy of the local government unit by presenting positions, giving opinions and making proposals;
  • gives opinions on the budget of the city;
  • takes a position on all issues concerning the operation of the municipality in the territory of the district or the local living arrangements and makes proposals to the extent stipulated in legislation;
  • coordinates building projects, thereby shaping the urban space;
  • creates initiatives for the City Council or City Government to discuss issues of local life and to adopt, amend or repeal legislation.

You can find the members of the Mustamäe District Council on the legal information system Teele

This Week’s Information

Mustamäe District Administration Preliminary Information
14 August to 20 August 2023

Tuesday, 15 August

09:00 Mustamäe District Administration Management Meeting
13:00 Catering for Children, Männi Park

Wednesday, 16 August
13:00 Catering for Children, Sports Park at E. Vilde tee 69

Friday, 18 August
18:00 Estonian Restoration of Independence Day Concert in Männi Park, performance by Kukerpillid

Sunday, 20 August
12:00–13:00 Athletic Morning for Kids, at Kadaka Stadium on Vilde tee 120

Salary Details

Salary details are disclosed on the Ministry of Finance website.

Services and Benefits

You can find the services of the Mustamäe District Administration in the service database.

Popular Sections
Social Welfare
Family and Population

Popular Services and Benefits 
School Support
Childcare Allowance
Income-related Social Protection Benefit
Subsistence Benefit
Maternity Support
Change of Residential Address in the Population Register
Support for Non-profit Activities

Support for Non-profit Activities

Information on the Procedure for Awarding Grants

Mustmäe Non-profit Activities Application Committee edict dictates that:

·       applications must be submitted via the self-service environment of the Mustamäe District Administration Project and Operating Support Information System;

·       committee meetings take place on the last Monday of the month whenever possible, except in July;

·       the committee discusses applications that have been submitted at least 10 days before the date of the meeting. The committee will not discuss applications for events that have already happened;

·       the activity and cost report must be submitted via the self-service environment at least on the 30th day after the end of the supported event. This must include cost documents on the entire amount provided by the grant.

The committee’s work is based on the procedure for granting support for non-profit activities and the additional conditions for determining support for non-profit activities.

The awarded grants can be found in the
self-service environment

Job Advertisements and Internships

Job Advertisements

See all City of Tallinn active job advertisements


Students who are at least in their second year of study at an educational institution registered in the Republic of Estonia are eligible for an internship.

To apply for an internship, please submit:

  • an application;
  • your educational institution’s internship guide;
  • an academic statement;
  • your CV (you may use the form provided).

The intern is accepted for an internship during the calendar year by agreement with the Head of the Department or a person appointed by them, taking into consideration the possibilities the department can offer. 

Internships in the offices of the City of Tallinn are regulated by the
Internships Procedure.

Public Procurements

The public procurements of the Mustamäe District Administration are published in the public procurements register.

Legislationsuseful informationfrequently asked questions and the user manual of the public procurement register related to organising public procurements

Tallinn Procurement Procedure

Procedural Restrictions

Information about activities and decisions to which procedural restrictions are not applied is published here (clauses 11 (3) 4), 5) and 7) of the Anti-Corruption Act). Procedural restrictions will not be applied and a notice must be published:

  • if the replacement of an official is not possible as a person meeting the requirements for the replacement could not be found;
  • in regard to actions or decisions with which the institution performing a public task ensures the organisation of its work, with the exception of service-related decisions;
  • in a city institution if, taking into consideration the specificities of the local government unit, the application of the procedural restrictions would be unreasonable from the point of view of public interest.
Currently, there are no such notices.

This page compiles studies and analyses conducted on the Mustamäe city space and its residents

See also:

City of Tallinn Administrative Agency’s studies information system
Studies and statistics on the City of Tallinn webpage

Document Registry, Official Announcements and Legislation

Document Registry

Official Announcements regarding Mustamäe District

Statute of the Mustamäe District and District Administration

Office Statute
Urban Economy Department Statute
Social Welfare Department Statute

Green Office

The District Administration reduces the environmental impact of its activities in order to save costs, use natural resources sustainably, reduce waste generation and make the working environment healthier.

This is proven by the green office certificate awarded to the District Administration.

Last modified 21.02.2024