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Tallinn Music Strategy 2022-2025

Tallinn Music Strategy 2022-2025

Culture and creativity play an important role in Tallinn’s development. As a former European Capital of Culture in 2011 and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tallinn has placed creativity at the very heart of its new city strategy Tallinn 2035. Through culture, Tallinn aims to be more responsible, inclusive and innovative city - creative global city.

Music in particular is important for Tallinn, both in terms of history and identity, as well as culturally, socially and economically. It was in Tallinn, where The Singing Revolution paved the wave to collapse of Soviet Union and restoration of independence. Tallinn is home for world class music institutions, venues and festivals. Tallinn has left its mark to the world of music through talented composers, conductors, musicians and producers from classical to techno, from jazz to folk.

As a designated UNESCO City of Music, Tallinn will offer world-class opportunities to create and enjoy music in all its diversity. 

To achieve the vision, Tallinn has set six strategic objectives for 2022-2025:
1. To increase the quality, professionalisation, diversity and internationalisation of the entire music scene.
2. To discover, nurture and empower new talent in music through multi -layered music education and young audience engagement.
3. To make music more accessible for everybody by removing inequalities and barriers for people with special needs, age, nationality or location.
4. To encourage re -emergence and development of sustainable cultural tourism.
5. To make Tallinn a better and more inclusive community based on shared values.
6. To support viable and sustainable music industry with strong innovation and digital capacity.
Tallinn Culture and Sports Department is responsible for the coordination of the Tallinn's music strategy 2022-2025 in the City of Tallinn. For each thematic programme, the city will partner with music organisation for implementing particular activities. The city has engaged also Music City Council, advisory body of music sector representatives of all genres and types of music organisations including municipal, national, and private organisations.

Tallinn Music Strategy 2022-2025:
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Last modified 13.10.2022