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The 100% rent exemption on city premises will be extended until the end of May

Tallinn City Government decided to exempt traders, caterers, sports clubs, and other companies under the restrictions of the Government of the Republic operating in commercial premises belonging to the city from paying rent until 31 May.

According to Aivar Riisalu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, the benefits for companies operating in the city's commercial premises, such as caterers and traders, as well as for sports clubs operating in the city's premises will be extended throughout the city. "The rent exemption rate for the aforementioned companies is 100 percent over the city," Riisalu specified. "Due to the restrictions of the Government of the Republic, shopping centers, catering establishments, and sports clubs have been closed from 11 March to 2 May, and additional restrictions have been set for sports, training, sports competitions, sports events, youth work, hobbies, and in-service training. However, as the negative impact of the additional measures and restrictions introduced to prevent the spread of the virus will be felt in May, the city will extend the benefits until 31 May. The city's facilities, ie outdoor terraces, will also receive a 100% rent exemption, and the rent reduction will be extended until June 30. ” 

In the case of urban facilities used for commercial use, ie the outdoor terraces of catering establishments, the rent reduction will be extended until 30 June to support the economic sector in the services sector, which is more affected by the restrictions. 

If the rental exemption for outdoor terraces is currently extended until the end of June, the city plans to release partners who use the terraces until the end of the summer. At present, this can be done until the end of June, as a longer period requires the re-application for state aid. An application for approval of the aid measures as state aid is currently being prepared with a deadline of 30 June 2022, and the city wishes to extend the concession for outdoor terraces until 31 August to obtain a new state aid permit. 

Until the end of May, Tallinn will not take rent from using business premises belonging to the city from those engaged in catering, trade, services, education, pre-school education, welfare, sports, hobbies, youth work, arts, culture, and entertainment.