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42 school stadiums and sports fields open for public use this summer

42 school stadiums and sports fields open for public use this summer

From June 13 to August 30, Tallinn is opening 38 school stadiums and four sports fields for free public use. Sports equipment boxes, containing items like balls, will be available for borrowing on-site.

The summer of free stadium access was officially launched at the Kristiine Spordimaja outdoor field by Deputy Mayor Kaarel Oja and Alo Lõoke, head of the Physical Activity Competence Center. Estonian national team player Artur Konontšuk and young basketball players from the TTÜ Basketball School showcased their skills. In the evening, a free concert was held at the Pelgulinna School stadium, featuring performances by popular artists Clicherik & Mäx and OLLIE. The event was attended by Mayor Jevgeni Ossinovski and Deputy Mayor Aleksei Jašin, who greeted sports and music enthusiasts.

“With the long summer vacation starting, we want to ensure that children and young people have the opportunity to spend their free time actively and healthily. Why not do it with family and friends! That’s why we have opened most of the city’s school stadiums and some sports fields for free use throughout the summer,” said Mayor Jevgeni Ossinovski.

Deputy Mayor Aleksei Jašin highlighted that the school stadiums offer high-quality sports facilities and, during the summer when they are not used for educational purposes, it makes sense to open them to the public. “This way, the sports fields are not left unused but instead provide an additional opportunity for exercise and training in the urban environment,” said Jašin. “We invite all children and adults to come and use the stadiums, but we ask that everyone treats the facilities with care and follows the rules.”

This summer, a record number of 38 school stadiums and four sports fields are open. They are available for free use from June 13 to August 30, every day from 10:00 to 21:00. While the stadiums are open to the public for free, schools may charge a rental fee for organizing regular training sessions and league games. Information about open stadiums and reserved times can be found on the Tallinn Education Department’s website.

Deputy Mayor Kaarel Oja noted that, for the first time, sports equipment boxes will be placed at the stadiums, allowing users to borrow balls and other sports equipment on-site. “The more opportunities we have for sports and the more enjoyable they are to use, the more we will move. Creating these opportunities is our daily goal, and making sports equipment available at open stadiums and fields is an experiment worth trying,” added Oja.

The sports equipment boxes will be delivered to the sports fields as part of a pilot project in cooperation with the Physical Activity Competence Center. The project will also assess whether freely available sports equipment increases children's and young people's interest in outdoor activities and using ball game fields.

According to Alo Lõoke, head of the Physical Activity Competence Center, studies show that only 7–11% of Estonian youth aged 10–17 spend time outdoors daily, and the issue of excessive weight among children is becoming more serious. “Over the last decade, there has also been a steady increase in depression and anxiety disorders among teenagers. Regular physical activity and time spent away from screens are proven ways to help alleviate and prevent these problems,” said Lõoke. “With the pilot project for sports equipment boxes, we aim to bring more children and young people outdoors and help establish a lasting habit of physical activity. We also encourage parents to set an example and spend more time outdoors with their children.”

The first sports equipment boxes were handed over on June 13. All boxes will be delivered to the open stadiums and sports fields by Jaanipäev (Midsummer Day). Take. Play. Return.

The public use of the stadiums is organized by the Tallinn Education Department. The daily opening and closing of the stadiums and maintenance issues are managed by the district governments. If there are any problems with cleanliness or equipment at the stadiums, please report them to the city helpline at 14410.

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