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Agreement reached with landowners on Vanasadama tram line construction work

Agreement reached with landowners on Vanasadama tram line construction work

Tallinn City has successfully reached the end of talks with all landowners in the area for constructing a tram and pedestrian pathway connecting Vanasadama and the Rail Baltic to the Ülemiste Travel Terminal and ensuring its openness to the public.

“We have reached an important agreement through the talks that consider both the interests of the landowners and the city,” said Deputy Mayor Tiit Terik. “Constructing the Vanasadama tram line is important for developing our transport infrastructure. It helps to create smooth and sustainable traffic in the city.”

The city has signed agreements for personal right of use with the Ahtri tn 6, Ahtri tn 3, Laeva tänav T5, Paadi tn 1a and Laeva tänav T1 property owners as well as an agreement for changing the boundaries of property with the Ahtri tn 6b property owner, meaning that the city has the permits needed from property owners for the construction and eventually opening of the tramway for public use.

The city has also made agreements on all conditions with AS Port of Tallinn regarding the use of three properties within their ownership, namely Kai tn 6, Logi tn 2 // 4 // Sadama tn 25 and Logi tänav T6. Due to the summer holidays, written notarial agreements are planned for 11 August, as suggested by the Port of Tallinn.

“Construction work on the Port of Tallinn property can commence, as the port has come to an agreement with the city,” said Terik.

The result of the Vanasadama tram line construction work will be a nearly 2.5-km section of new tram line, which will start at the Kivisilla and Gonsiori intersection and end on Põhja pst. The entirety of the urban space surrounding the new tram line route will get a new look with the construction works. This will primarily affect the intersection of Hobujaama Street and Kaubamaja, where an opportunity for pedestrians to cross the road above ground will be created. Similarly, new green areas will be established and intersections will be made safer and more modern for everybody.

On the Vanasadama tramway website, public transport users can get a detailed overview of bus rerouting and car users can find info on traffic management with rerouting schemes.