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Applying for Admission to First Grade in Tallinn started on March 1

Applying for Admission to First Grade in Tallinn started on March 1

From March 1 to March 15, parents can submit applications for the assignment of a school of residence for children entering the first grade of a Tallinn municipal school in September 2021.

Applications are accepted from 1st of March until 15th of March 2021  both via eKool and on paper at the Tallinn Education Department. Parents are reminded to prefer e-service if possible, due to the situation of increased risk of COVID-19. 

See instructions on how to apply via eKool:

Applications are accepted from parents whose place of residence according to the Estonian Population Register is Tallinn. In the case of an application submitted at eKool, the parent will receive a notification to the e-mail address no later than May 20. If the application was submitted on paper, the parent will receive the notice by post to the child's population register address.

In determining a child's school of residence, Tallinn Education Department follows the Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act and the procedure in force in Tallinn, taking into account the proximity of the student’s place of residence to the school and the enabling of siblings to study in the same school. If possible, parents’ requests are taken into account.

If there are more children living in the area of a school than there are places in the school, the time of entering the residence data of the persons in the population register may be taken into account, giving preference to those whose entry in the register is earlier. The school of residence is assigned to a child even if the application is not submitted, in which case the basis is the data of the population register. However, it is worth submitting the application, as it provides important information for determining the school, including the child's language of instruction and the siblings’ studying at the same school.

All children living in Tallinn according to the Estonian Population Register are guaranteed a school place in a municipal school. Schooling is compulsory for a child who turns 7 by October 1st. At the request of a parent, a 6-year-old child can also enter school. In this case, the parent is required to submit a document proving the child’s preparedness for school with the application.

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Additional info:

Tallinn Education Department
+372 640 4590
[email protected]
Estonia pst 5a, 10143 Tallinn 3rd floor
Mon 08.15-17.45; Tue-Thu 08.15-16.45 and Fri 08.15-15.45