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Autumn collection events yield over 23 tons of hazardous waste

Autumn collection events yield over 23 tons of hazardous waste

During the last two weekends of October, residents of Tallinn participated in a city-organized collection drive, handing over approximately 23,930.90 kilograms of hazardous waste and 107 cubic meters of reusable items. Tallinn residents have the ongoing opportunity to dispose of their hazardous household waste at no cost at six designated collection points throughout the city and at four waste treatment plants all year round.

Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm highlighted the convenience and success of the collection drives, which take place in the spring and autumn. "With collection trucks stopping at predetermined locations according to a set schedule, people are finding it increasingly convenient to drop off their hazardous waste and unused items that are still in good condition," said Vimm. "While we collected over 25 tons of hazardous waste in the spring, this autumn we've seen over 23 tons. The number of participants has also increased, from 1,305 in the spring to 1,498 in the autumn, indicating a growing engagement in our collection drives."

In total, 1,498 people brought in hazardous waste, with the highest amounts coming from Lasnamäe, Põhja-Tallinn, and Haabersti. The most common items disposed of were paint, varnish, and adhesive waste (13,687 kg), screens and monitors (2,185 kg), and larger electronics (2,431 kg).

There were 854 donations of usable items, predominantly in Nõmme and Põhja-Tallinn, with books and clothing being the most frequently donated items. All reusable goods were passed on to the Uuskasutuskeskus reuse center, which will redirect these items for second-hand use.

Hazardous waste can be handed over year-round at six collection points in Tallinn, located in the city center at Wismari 13 parking lot and Väike-Rannavärav 6 parking lot, in the Lasnamäe district at Pae 19 and across from Narva mnt 150, behind the bus stop, in the Haabersti district at Haabersti Street 2 parking lot, and in Mustamäe at Kadaka tee 76f parking lot. These collection points are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 15 pm and are closed on public holidays. Hazardous waste can also be taken to Tallinn's waste treatments plants at Pärnamäe, Rahumäe, Pääsküla, and Paljassaare.

Clothes, shoes, and toys can be donated in the red and green containers throughout the city every day. In collaboration with Humana Sorteerimiskeskus OÜ and the NGO Riidepunkt, items collected in these containers go through sorting and then back into circulation. The locations of these containers can be found on the Tallinn web map or at the Kuhuviia website. Other reusable items such as books, dishes, accessories, sports equipment, and more can be taken to the reuse room at the Paljassaare waste treatment plant and to stores and collection points of the NGO Uuskasutuskeskus, details of which can be found on their website.

Information about the types of waste accepted can be found HERE.