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Baltic Sea Day celebrated for 2nd time in Tallinn

Baltic Sea Day celebrated for 2nd time in Tallinn

For the second year in a row, Tallinn celebrates Baltic Sea Day that is held on August 26. Marine and environmental specialists as well as all townspeople are welcome to the events of the thematic day dedicated to the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea.

The celebration of Baltic Sea Day started in 2019 in Helsinki; in Tallinn, it was celebrated for the first time in 2020. The aim of the day is to encourage people and organizations to pay more attention to the situation in the Baltic Sea and to take action to improve it.

"The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, which is why every step towards restoring marine health is important. Tallinn wants to be a green sea city and our heart's desire is to contribute to the protection of the Baltic Sea," said Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf. “A conference will be organized on the day, where several issues related to the Baltic Sea and Tallinn will be discussed. An event is held introducing the island of Aegna in Inglirand and nature tours on the island of Aegna and Reidi Road are organized. We also invite all the townspeople to the Tallinn Fish Market, which is specially open on Baltic Sea Day.”

The Baltic Sea Day conference will discuss issues related to the Baltic Sea and Tallinn from several viewpoints, from changes in the ecological status of the Baltic Sea to the discussion around the Tallinn drinking water reservoir, Lake Ülemiste. Marine, urban planning and environment specialists are expected to attend the conference. The Baltic Sea Day conference takes place at Port of Tallinn Terminal D Sea Gate, a brand new and environmentally friendly venue. The conference will also be broadcast live on the website of newspaper Pealinn.

In co-operation with the City Centre Administration, an event introducing the island of Aegna "Aegna Embassy" will take place on the afternoon of August 26 in Reid Road in Inglirand, where everyone is welcome. Those interested can find information materials about the island of Aegna in the embassy tent, ​​meet the island's elder, hear about Aegna's natural and cultural heritage and the Aegna eco-island project. There is an open children's area next to the embassy tent, where, among other things, a speedboat is there for children to explore. The event will end with a free concert by the band Kukerpillid starting at 6 pm.

You can also take part in nature and history trips to Aegna Island and Reidi Road. Registration for excursions is open (Estonian language groups; Russian language groups). The Port of Tallinn organizes a tour to the port area, where the history and green activities of the port are introduced. An environmental education training program is being conducted at the site of the marine litter collector Seabin.

This year, several youth centres across the city will participate in the celebration of Baltic Sea Day with film and cooking evenings, and a workshop with competition for tying sea knots is organized at the Mustamäe Children's Creative House. Young people are also involved by the team of mobile youth work.

The branches of the Estonian Maritime Museum in Lennusadam and Paks Margareeta and the Estonian Museum of Natural History await visitors. A nature construction workshop will take place in the Pelguaed community garden. As Thursday is known as the fish day, several restaurants take part in the celebration. The Tallinn Fish Market, which usually operates on Saturdays, is exceptionally open on this Thursday as well.

The celebration of Baltic Sea Day throughout Estonia is coordinated by the Finnish Institute together with the Finnish Embassy in Tallinn. In addition to Finland and Estonia, Baltic Sea Day is celebrated in Sweden and Russia.

Additional information about the Baltic Sea Day in Tallinn can be found on the website /est/keskkond/Laanemere-paev-2021.

Tallinn is one of the four finalists of the 2023 European Green Capital Competition. The city has set the goal of carrying out a green transition in all areas to create a green city with a better environment and urban space.