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Christmas decorations made by Tallinn Social Work Centre adorn the windows of Tallinn City Government building  

Today, 29 November, at 4pm, the windows of the Tallinn City Government building will be the venue for a festive exhibition of Christmas-themed artworks by clients and staff of the Tallinn Social Work Centre. The exhibition features compositions in different techniques and materials, from Christmas angels made of lace to snowmen made of glass.   

The opening of the exhibition will be welcomed by Deputy Mayor Betina Beškina, who said that Christmas is a great time to create a positive mood and do good deeds. "The clients of the Social Work Centre are people who do not have a home of their own and whose lives are often dominated by worries and difficulties in coping with everyday life. In addition to alleviating everyday worries, the center's staff try to offer their clients activities that will help bring some good emotions into their lives. I'm glad that we can help share their work with the people of the city."   

"Our clients are happy when their work is not just for themselves, but brings joy to everyone in the city. In this way, they pass on their gratitude for what they themselves receive from the city," added Kersti Põldemaa, Director of Tallinn Social Work Centre. "We started preparing the Christmas decorations already in September. Now the exhibition is designed and ready to delight the viewers."