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City centre reopens: traffic restored on Gonsiori Street

City centre reopens: traffic restored on Gonsiori Street

On Wednesday, December 6, the segment of Gonsiori Street between Reimani and Laikmaa streets will reopen to city centre-bound vehicle traffic, restoring routes to Estonia Boulevard. This section had been closed since April due to the construction of the Old City Harbour tramway. The reopening of this segment, along with the earlier opening of major nearby intersections, significantly improves traffic in the city centre.

A 30 km/h speed limit will be enforced in the newly opened area. The partial reopening of Gonsiori Street does not affect Tallinn’s public transport services, and all previous detours remain in effect. The outbound direction of Gonsiori Street, between Reimani and Laikmaa Streets, remains open only for county buses.

“We are happy to report that construction works in the city centre are progressing well, and we are opening new sections of the street to traffic,” said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. “We invite everyone to come enjoy the festive atmosphere in the city centre and rediscover the streets, shops, cafes, and everything else that was less accessible during the traffic restrictions.”

Reconstruction work on Jõe and Pronksi streets concluded in October, and the Narva Road–Jõe Street–Pronksi Street intersection, along with the Narva Road–Laikmaa Street–Hobujaama Street intersection for crossing Narva Road, have been reopened. However, Hobujaama and Laikmaa streets will reopen at the end of next year. Since the end of last month, the Gonsiori-Maneeži and Gonsiori-Reimani intersections have been open, and the regular traffic management of Reimani Street has been restored. Traffic has also been opened on the northern branch of Ahtri Street. Traffic conditions have also improved in the port area: last week, partial traffic was reopened on the section of Logi Street between Rumbi Street and Sadama Street, and the regular traffic management of Sadama Street and Kursi Street was restored. The intersection of Põhja Boulevard and Kursi Street has been open to traffic since October.

In October, the Tallinn City Government approved an action plan for business support measures aimed at mitigating the impacts of prolonged construction works. The package includes free use of city’s facilities for commercial activities and the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on advertising tax. To bring customers back to the city centre, an awareness campaign running until the end of January has been launched. Its goal is to showcase the gradually reopening renovated urban space and in regaining lost customers due to the construction works. 

As a result of the Old City Harbour tramway construction, a new approximately 2.5-kilometer tramway will be completed, starting from the intersection of Kivisilla and Gonsiori streets and extending to Põhja Boulevard. For more information, visit the website at