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Construction begins for Lilleküla Circular Economy Center

Construction begins for Lilleküla Circular Economy Center

Tallinn is transforming its existing waste treatment plants into circular economy centers and constructing new ones to provide services that not only involve waste collection but also focus on waste prevention, reduction, and recycling. The first circular economy center, known as the Lilleküla Circular Economy Center, is slated for construction in the Kristiine district at Mustjõe Street 40.

Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm emphasizes that building the Lilleküla Circular Economy Center is an important step toward the city's sustainable future. "Preventing waste generation, reducing waste, and recycling are crucial for preserving our environment and improving the quality of life. Our goal is to make circular economy centers more accessible to people across the city and bring the services they offer closer to our residents. By fostering a culture of repair, we aim to reduce waste generation," Vimm said.

In January the changes in traffic were introduced to local residents and feedback was collected. Significant changes in traffic management are expected to be implemented following street reconstructions. Residents' access to their properties will be maintained throughout this period, with occasional, short-term closures only when construction necessitates.

The Lilleküla Circular Economy Center is designed to be an environmentally friendly, modern structure constructed in compliance with strict environmental standards. The planned center comprises a waste collection area, an office building, and a circular economy facility. The circular economy facility will house a dedicated room for reusable items, a classroom, and repair workshops. Furthermore, neighboring streets, sidewalks, sewer systems, and street lighting will be upgraded to enhance safety and functionality.

To visually separate the circular economy center and minimize potential noise disturbances, sound barrier panels, totaling 147 meters in length and standing at 4.5 meters in height, will be erected along the Veskimetsa and Heinavälja street sides. A two-meter-high fence will be erected on the Mustjõe and Värvi street sides, along with the planting of evergreen yew trees on the Mustjõe street side and common hops toward Värvi street. Natural-looking landscape is planned for the Veskimetsa street side with trees reaching heights of 4-5 meters.

The project to build the Lilleküla Circular Economy Center was completed in 2022, including the issuance of a construction permit. In June 2023, a construction bidding process was initiated, and in the autumn of the same year, a construction contract was signed with a duration of 14 months. The Lilleküla Circular Economy Center is scheduled to open in the fall of 2024.