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Construction works for the new tramline in Tallinn to begin next month 

From 7 March, construction works will start for the first phase of the Vanasadama tramline, causing changes in the traffic regulation in the city center. The construction will begin on Gonsiori and Laikmaa streets, which will lead to the closure of Gonsiori street in the direction out of the city center between Laikmaa and Reimani streets and Laikmaa street between Gonsiori and Narva mnt towards Narva mnt. 

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet noted that this is a new tramline to be built in Tallinn every five years, and one of the largest infrastructure projects that Tallinn is undertaking. The new tramline will link the airport to the port area and provide a convenient connection to the bus station and Balti Jaam. “However, in addition to the new tramway to be built, the entire urban area within the reach of the new tramway will also be upgraded. In particular, this concerns the Hobujaama ja Kaubamaja intersection, were we will create opportunities for pedestrians to cross the road at ground level. At the same time, new green areas will be created, the intersections will be made safer and more modern for all road users,” explained Svet. “Unfortunately, the inconveniences of such a large-scale construction are inevitable. We also have to take into account the parallel renovation of Jõe and Pronksi streets in the first months of construction. However, we have also taken into account the Youth Song and Dance Festival taking place this summer as the festival brings tens of thousands of visitors to the capital.

The Deputy Mayor confirmed that temporary traffic management schemes will be prepared for all phases of street closures. “These schemes will give more precise instructions on where and how traffic will be rerouted, how pedestrians will be able to move, and how residents and people working in the area will be able to get to their homes,” added Svet. “Public transport will continue to operate, but I would advise all traffic users to keep an eye on the timetable changes. If possible, we advise all road users to avoid driving in the city center during the construction period and to follow the information on the Vanasadama subpage closely. 

All information regarding the construction of the Vanasadama tramline is accessible on the website Information regarding the construction phases will be updated regularly. 

The construction of the 2,5 kilometer tramline will involve a large number of extensive reconstruction works from the Kivisilla-Gonsiori street junction to Põhja pst. The future tram route will take a left turn from Kivisilla street to Gonsiori street. From there, the tramline will run via Laikmaa, Hobujaama and Ahtri streets to the harbour area. Via Laeva, Kuunari and Kai streets, the route will pass through the front of the A Terminal and via Logi and Rumbi streets, the route will pass under Linnahall. The tramway joins the tramway from Mere and Põhja pst to the tramway towards Kopli. 

According to Tiit Joosti, the Project Manager of AS Merko Ehitus Estonia, this is a complex and large-scale project, which will be carried out in consortium with the good cooperation partner KMG Infra OÜ. In addition to the construction of new tram tracks and a new contact network, a large number of underground communication lines will have to be built and a new street space will be created around the tramline. “The time schedule and the schedule of activities for the project have been drawn in accordance with the specificities of the technological process of the works, but our main aim is to minimize the overall time cost of the project and to ensure that the lives of Tallinn residents will be disrupted as little as possible, added Joosti. “We will work in phases, so that different sections of the tramline will be built at different times. In terms of the types of works, we will carry them out according to technological logic, therefore the necessary works of the reconstruction of underground lines and communications will be carried out first. Once on the ground, the main objective is to install the tramline rails, followed by the work on the contact network. Once these works are completed, tram services on the new line will be ready by summer 2024. The installation of the tram tracks will be followed by the paving of the carriageways and pavements, the installation of traffic management equipment, bus shelters and landscaping works, which will last until the contract expires in February 2025”.

During the first phase, traffic will be closed from 7 March on Gonsiori street in the outbound direction from the city center between Laikmaa and Reimani streets and on Laikmaa streets between Gonsiori and Narva mnt in the direction of Narva mnt. The next phase will start on Kai streets and traffic will be closed there on 14 March. 

The Vanasadama tramline construction works, including VAT and owner’s supervision, cost about €46 million, with €26 million from the The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)

A meeting with local residents will be held on Thursday 9 February at 17.30 (5:30 p.m.) at the Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru väljak 3), where the timetable and phases of the reconstruction, temporary traffic management and other important information will be presented in more detail.