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Continuation of school and kindergarten renovations in Tallinn next year

Continuation of school and kindergarten renovations in Tallinn next year

For the upcoming year, Tallinn's budget allocates nearly 396 million euros for educational operations, representing almost 41% of the total operating costs. The primary focuses include the transition to Estonian-language education, increased investment, and raising the minimum wage for teachers.

The goal in the field of education is to provide diverse, high-quality, and contemporary education in municipal schools, as well as ensuring childcare services and pre-primary education. The city also invests in offering diverse recreational activities and supporting various hobbies.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante highlights the transition to Estonian-language education as the main focus for the next year, with nearly nine million euros allocated for supporting activities. However, attention will also be given to other areas. Like the state, we plan to increase the minimum wage for teachers, support specialists, and teacher assistants funded by the city budget in 2024. To value and strengthen the role of class teachers, the class teacher allowance will increase to 200 euros,” states Kante.

Kante also mentions that the city will forego an increase in kindergarten fees tied to the minimum wage and continue covering food costs in kindergartens and schools to support families amid rising living costs. Over 20 million euros are allocated in the budget for this purpose.

Investments in education account for 27.5% of the total planned investments, ranking second after the mobility sector. Key projects include the renovation and development of hobby schools, general education schools, and kindergartens.

Kante affirms that renovating educational institutions remains a priority for Tallinn. “Despite the spike in construction costs, we have planned 70.1 million euros for educational investments, almost 21 million more than this year. A modern environment that supports the development of children and youth is crucial,” he adds.

In 2024, projects include the extension of Tallinna Reaalkool (Tallinn Secondary School of Science), the renovation and extension of Hiiu School's old building, the final phase of Pirita Economics High School's extension, the construction of a new building for Kullo Hobby Centre, and the reconstruction of the Karjamaa Street 18 building into a school. The extension of Nõmme Primary School, Jakob Westholm’s High School, and Helen's School will continue, and the design work for Kalamaja Primary School will start. The facade renovation of Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium's buildings on Olevimägi Street will also be completed.

Several kindergartens in Tallinn will undergo renovation. In 2024, kindergartens Maasikas, Magdaleena, Männiku, and Männimudila will be completed. Construction will start at Kristiine, Loitsu, and Meelespea kindergartens. Design work will begin or continue in 11 more kindergartens, with a total of 38.1 million euros planned for pre-primary institutions.

Improvements to heating and ventilation systems in educational institutions will continue, as well as replacing classroom lighting with LED fixtures. Funds are also earmarked for repair work and a reserve for tidying up premises (including fences, outdoor lighting, internal roads, and parking lots), covering smaller-scale works in many educational institutions.

The 2024 budget for the City of Tallinn, totaling 1.26 billion euros, needs to be approved by the City Council. This proposed budget is 79.5 million euros or 6.7% higher than the revised budget for 2023.