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Diverse range of summer camps and programs for youth in Tallinn

Diverse range of summer camps and programs for youth in Tallinn

The school holiday, starting on June 13, offers children and youth in Tallinn a wealth of opportunities for outdoor sports, arts, and adventure experiences.

Tallinn's Deputy Mayor Aleksei Jašin stated that the city is facilitating a rich selection of summer camps and activities for young people up to 26 years old, providing opportunities for learning and self-development. "Our goal is to offer meaningful and diverse experiences that help young people grow both physically and mentally, creating valuable memories and new friendships. We want every young person to find something inspiring and engaging in our camps and programs, ensuring they spend their summer actively and joyfully," Jašin added.

Kutimuti Youth Camp in Laulasmaa offers sports and communal activities for 7-18 year olds from June to August, including sports games, folk culture, drama classes, dance, singing lessons, and creative writing. The Taevaskoja Hiking and Adventure Camp in Põlvamaa provides 7-19 year olds with the chance to learn hiking skills and engage in various adventure activities such as canoeing, painting, learning dances from different countries, and playing culturally diverse games. The Estonian Museum of Natural History's summer camps for 8-16 year olds offer activities like navigation, identifying animal tracks, recognizing edible and poisonous plants, night butterfly catching, insect study, ball games, campfires, and swimming.

The Loomekoja Creative Camp on Saaremaa offers 1st to 6th graders plenty of crafts and arts, including plant collecting, yarn dyeing, woodworking, fabric dyeing with plants, and traditional dances. Each camp day is dedicated to a different craft: textiles, plants, paper, wood, weaving, and felting. Activities also include hiking, swimming, and visiting a horse farm. Sally Studio's June art camp for 8-12 year olds focuses on drawing and painting animals and birds, taking inspiration from impressionist and fauvist artists, and capturing nature in various artistic styles.

The Estonian Dance Agency's dance school's fun and creative city camp invites 6-10 year olds to explore the world through dance and creativity, with workshops and movement classes covering different music, dance, and art styles. The Ujume Koos (Swim Together) school's camp offers 5-10 year olds the chance to swim, explore various sports, craft, and play. The US tenniseakadeemia’s badminton and tennis camps invite beginners aged 6-12 and advanced players aged 13-18 to participate in training, fun games, sports activities, and educational tasks. Põhja-Tallinn Youth Center invites 8-14 year olds to spend the pre-Midsummer period actively, with activities like yoga, meditation, disc golf, mini-golf, laser games, Lego tournaments, team games, and bike adventures.

Valdeku Youth Center offers youth aged 10 and up the chance to participate in board game and environmental protection themed city summer camps in August. The board game camp teaches new games and invites guests from the board game community. The environmental protection camp educates on sustainable living and circular economy principles.

More information and registration details for all summer activities can be found in Estonian language here and in Russian here.