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Estonian Music Schools Association awarded Tallinn with the title of Friend of Music Education. 

At the traditional annual conference and thanksgiving event of the Estonian Music Schools Association, Tallinn Music and Ballet School awarded the City of Tallinn the title "Friend of Music Education 2022".

Tallinn Music School, which reopened its doors to students in its historic building on Narva Road in the city center at the end of August last year, has been nominated by the Tallinn City Government as a Friend of Music Education. In Tallinn's case, the Estonian Music Schools Association highlighted not only the renovation of the music school, but also the fact that the teachers at the recreational schools are paid on an equal footing with those at general education schools.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart thanks the Tallinn Music School and the Estonian Music Schools Association for the recognition, which is the first of its kind for Tallinn. "Tallinn has been a city with a rich musical life throughout its history, and in recognition of this, Tallinn is a UNESCO City of Music from 2022. To ensure that the sound of music continues to accompany us in our historic city of towers, we need to preserve and continue our traditions and music education," said Kõlvart. "Last year we supported various music projects and live music venues. For the second year, we held the Tallinn Talent competition for the development of young musicians, and since last year the former Police and Border Guard Orchestra has been operating as the Tallinn Police Orchestra."

The title of Friend of Music Education is awarded to a local authority that contributes in every possible way to the development of its music school(s) and the sustainability of music education in Estonia. Nominations can be submitted by music schools and schools of arts. The criteria for the evaluation are a significant contribution to the activities of their music school(s) over the past year - providing a modern learning environment and instrumental facilities, valuing music school teachers through competitive salaries and supporting the sustainability of music education in all aspects. 

According to the Head of theTallinn Music School Kadi Katariina Sarapik, the school's staff is grateful to the city for supporting the tradition of music education in the historic building over the years. "We are mainly attended by children and young people from six schools in the city center, many of whom have ancestors who are alumni of our school," said Sarapik. "It was therefore a great pleasure for our school family that in August last year, in the run-up to the school year, we were able to move back to our historic building and continue our studies in more spacious premises. As a result of the renovation, we were able to use the former barn space and the school building, which previously had no halls, now has two halls." 

Tallinn Music School currently has 415 students and the most popular specialization is piano.

The current building (Narva mnt. 28) has been providing music education since 1958.  During the ownership reform, the buildings were returned to the rightful owner and since 1996 the city has been able to use them on the basis of a lease agreement. The city was obliged to maintain the property and keep the building in good condition, but major building work was not feasible. A few years ago, the city had the opportunity to buy the building from the owner, and the Tallinn Education Department is now the manager of the property.

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Tallinn is UNESCO City of Music as of 2022.