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Explore Tallinn's Online Recreational Activity Catalogue for youth

The website of Tallinn’s Education Office offers an opportunity to explore an online catalogue of recreational activities, providing information on extracurricular activities in Estonian and Russian for schoolchildren and youngsters.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante stated that the e-catalogue assists both children and youth in finding suitable recreational activities. "The new school year also marks the beginning of the season for extracurricular activities. Currently, families are faced with the question of what recreational activities their child will engage in. Tallinn offers numerous opportunities for developing one's talents and enjoying leisure time. The e-catalogue, which compiles information from over 125 organizations providing recreational activities in the capital, makes it easier for families to find a hobby or sports club," said Kante.

The e-catalogue allows users to search for information in seven categories: language learning, arts and culture, activities for young children, music, sports, dance, technology, and science. Each organization offering recreational activities is listed along with details on the type of activities they offer, the target age group, the languages in which the activities are conducted, as well as information about monthly fees and the location.

The e-catalogue includes both municipal and private hobby schools, sports clubs, museums, youth centers, and other youth organizations. For example, individuals up to 19 years of age can learn graphic design, fashion, photography, and video production at the Tallinn Hobby Center Kullo. They can also explore folk dancing and ceramics. Those aged 3-15 can learn silk painting, textile printing, and jewelry making at the Agneta Dance School, while 8-11-year-olds can learn salsa, bachata, and merengue at the Casa de Baile Dance Center.

You can access the e-catalogue of recreational activities on the website