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A fast catamaran will start sailing on the Aegna ferry route in May

A fast catamaran type vessel with a capacity of up to 90 passengers and 20 bicycles will start operating on the Tallinn - Aegna ferry route from 1 May.

"The trip between the Patarei harbour and the port of Aegna will take only half an hour and will allow an easy getaway from the city to nature, to the quiet forest or peaceful beaches. Focused on eco-friendly nature tourism, Aegna Island is a hidden gem of Tallinn," said Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. "At the same time, the island's military heritage is waiting to be explored. A trip to Aegna can be planned with a light heart, even if the situation in the world makes travelling abroad complicated."

Spinnaker Ltd won the competition to organise shipping on the route and will operate a fast catamaran with a length of 29 metres, a beam of eight metres and a maximum draught of one and a half metres. The vessel will have ramps for people with reduced mobility, as well as wider doors and an assessable toilet. If necessary, the vessel can take on board 3,000 kilograms of goods, for which there is a separate cargo hold.

The Aegna Island is just three square kilometres, ranking 17th among Estonian islands by size. Depending on the season, between 3 and 12 households permanently reside on Aegna. A visit to Aegna need not be limited to a short trip, as there is plenty to explore for several days.

The island's coastline stretches for about 10 kilometres, and the diverse coastal types give the coastline a beautiful appearance, with sandy beaches alternating with moraine beaches. Aegna is largely covered by forest, interspersed with several marshes, and there are two designated hiking trails on the island to explore the local nature, extending three and six kilometres.

The places of interest can be explored on the Aegna Island's website at /aegna/