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Five tram lines operating in October

Five tram lines operating in October

The temporary tram line No. 6, introduced during the construction of the Old City Harbour tram line, will continue to operate on the Tondi-Kopli route until at least the end of October. Starting on October 1, the rest of the tram traffic will be fully restored. The City is also exploring the option of permanently continuing with tram line No. 6

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet explained that final plans regarding the future of the temporary tram line can only be made when data can be collected and compared in a situation where all regular tram traffic is operational. "Temporary tram line No. 6 has so far shown that there is a demand for a tram line connecting Kopli and Pärnu maantee. It's difficult to predict how much of this passenger movement will now be covered by regular tram lines. We are working towards continuing tram traffic on this route and will analyze data and make decisions based on that," said Svet.

The City wishes to continue with tram line No. 6. However, discussions are ongoing about whether the final stop of this line should be at Vana-Lõuna tram depot or Tondi. 

Tram lines No. 2 and 4 resumed operation at the beginning of September, and tram lines No. 1 and 3 will continue operating from October 1st. The last time there were five tram lines simultaneously operating on Tallinn's streets was in 2004 when tram No. 5 operated between Kopli and Vana-Lõuna tram depot.