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Future plans for Lasnamäe swimming pool to be determined by fall

Future plans for Lasnamäe swimming pool to be determined by fall

The Tallinn Property Department has annulled the concession agreement procedure intended for the construction of an Olympic-sized swimming pool at Kuukivi 3 and 5 in Lasnamäe. This decision was made due to changes in the conditions and economic context that initially underpinned the procurement, making the contract unfeasible.

Deputy Mayor Viljar Jaamu stated that the preparation for building an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Tallinn has been ongoing for several years, with the Estonian Swimming Federation involved in the design process to ensure compliance with international standards. “This week, the Ministry of Culture also announced that the state cannot support the construction of the swimming pool, which is understandable given the current economic situation,” said Jaamu.

“In light of the current situation, we need to reassess the previously planned funding model. Over the coming months, we will thoroughly analyze various alternatives for moving forward with the Olympic pool project and revisit this issue in the fall. Considering the high achievements of our swimmers in international competitions, it is clear that there is a need for an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Northern Estonia,” added Jaamu.

The Tallinn Property Department announced a public procurement on January 15, 2024, aiming to conclude a concession agreement for the construction and operation of a facility, including an Olympic-standard swimming pool at Kuukivi 3 (formerly Varraku 14a), and a parking area and building at Kuukivi 5 (formerly Varraku 14b).

However, the concession agreement procedure was annulled due to changes in the underlying conditions and economic context. The Tallinn City Government will develop new solutions by the fall of this year.