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GreenEST Summit takes place October 27-28, 2021 at Kultuurikatel, Tallinn

GreenEST Summit is the flagship Greentech event that brings together public and private sector experts, cleantech companies and investors from all over Europe to discuss how to address the inevitable green revolution!

The main topics this year will be:

RAW MATERIALS – The foundation of sustainable future
GREEN BUSINESS MODELS & INVESTORS – Profit vs planet as a win-win situation
BIOECENOMY – The innovation for life
SMART CITY – The future is built now
JUST TRANSITION – Change of the Mindset
ENERGETICS – The race to zero emissions

The event helps existing companies go greener, create the ground for new players on the field, unlock the potential of future-fit partnerships and promote the region as the greentech pioneer!

GreenEST Summit is the flagship supporter of the greentech community, so get on board and let’s hit on the sustainable journey towards a greener future together!

Stay tuned, soon we will announce the speakers!

This event/program is financed by the European Regional
Development Fund according to the program Startup Estonia (EU50651)

Source: Tehnopol