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Informing parents of school appointments based on place of residence began in Tallinn

Informing parents of school appointments based on place of residence began in Tallinn

The Tallinn Education Department began informing parents of school appointments based on place of residence for children entering Grade 1 on 1 September 2023. Parents can confirm school locations until June 10.

Parents who submitted an application through eKool will receive notice of their child’s appointed school via eKool. Schools will send parents a notification via eKool, after which they can immediately confirm their child’s enrolment, If a parent is not a registered user of eKool, they should refer to the school appointed to their child in order to confirm their spot at the school.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante would like to remind parents that although all children living in Tallinn are guaranteed enrolment at a municipal school based on their place of residence, parents should confirm the child’s spot at the school immediately. “It is very important because unconfirmed spots will become open and will be filled according to general enrolment,” said Kante. “Confirming their place in the school ensures that the child will be able to go to the school the family has been informed of.”

The Education Department will be appointing all children of mandatory education age (children aged 7 as of October 1) a place in school even if an application has not been submitted. In that case, the relevant information will be delivered by mail to the child’s registered place of residence.

The basis for appointing a school based on place of residence is the Primary and Secondary Education Act, according to which the school’s proximity to the child’s place of residence as well as any brothers or sisters enrolled in the same school will be taken into account when appointing a school. The wishes of the parents will also be taken into account if possible.

If the appointed school is not suitable for the child, the parents have the right to choose another school that has spots open. In this case, the parents must contact their chosen school directly with an application after June 10.

According to the population register there are 4800 children of mandatory education age in Tallinn (as of 1 March 2023). In total, 3602 applications for appointing their child’s school were submitted by parents, of which 3537 were through eKool and 65 on paper. Spots in Tallinn municipal schools were appointed to a total of 4364 children. This year 306 children will be entering school at 6 years of age. 116 children will be entering school in a foreign country, which is the same number as last year.

You can find more information on the Tallinn Education Department homepage: