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Kullo hobby school's new building will become a modern community center

Kullo hobby school's new building will become a modern community center

On February 12, the new building project for Tallinn's Kullo Hobby Center was presented to the public in the hall of the Kristiine District Government. The future Kullo will become a modern community center, combining a hobby school, youth center, and the first library in the district under one roof.

The building, constructed in the 1970s for Estonia's oldest and largest hobby school serving 2,400 students, has now become obsolete, with its spatial and technical capabilities failing to meet contemporary standards.

"The outdated building is planned to be demolished this fall. In its place, a modern complex will rise, becoming not only a home for the hobby school but also an attractive community center. Over half of the new building's area will be dedicated to Kullo hobby school's educational and work spaces, with the remainder divided between Kristiine's youth center and library. The external areas are also planned for public use, which will undoubtedly be encouraged by integration with the neighboring Löwenruh Park," said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Tiit Terik. "With its new functions, Kullo will cater to a wider community, and the eagerly anticipated concert hall seating nearly 420 is sure to draw additional visitors," added Terik.

"The new Kullo will be more than just a building – it will be the center of the Kristiine community," stated Jaanus Riibe, the district governor of Kristiine. "The center's concept was developed in collaboration with the local community to create a quality space and even closer interpersonal cooperation. The completion of the first Kristiine library is a significant milestone for us. Additionally, the design phase for the reconstruction of Löwenruh Park is commencing, marking another important step towards a pleasant and green living environment," explained Riibe.

 The project for Kullo's new building was presented by architects Koit Ojaliiv (KUU architects) and Kristel Niisuke (NIKITA ATIKIN architects), interior designer Tarmo Piirmets (PINK OÜ), landscape architect Kristian Nigul (VÄLI landscape architects), project manager Olavi Ottas (HOCO OÜ), Kristiine district governor Jaanus Riibe, and Ronne Sära, the director of Kullo.

Construction is planned to start this year, with completion expected in 2026. The planned building will cover approximately 11,000 square meters, with a budget of 22.6 million euros allocated for its development.