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Lasnamäe Uuskasuteskus will provide refugees with basic clothing until 22 June

Lasnamäe Uuskasuteskus will provide refugees with basic clothing until 22 June

Ukrainian war refugees will continue to receive primary clothing assistance from the Recycling Centre (Punane 50) until 22 June, using the smartcard validation system.

In the future, the Recycling Centre (Punane 50) will also accept donations on a normal basis, without collecting items separately for the refugees. The Recycling Centre, which is located near the Food Bank in Lasnamäe, will stop distributing clothing only to war refugees on 22 June and will reopen its doors to all residents on 1 July. More information on where residents can bring donations to help refugees will be available in the coming days. 

On presentation of a smartcard and an identity document, it will be possible to visit the Recycling Centre three times and take up to three items per category of clothing (underwear, socks, outerwear, sweaters, dresses, trousers, shirts, accessories, shoes, etc.). In addition, one set of toys and one set of school supplies per child can be received free of charge. The shop tries to be as flexible as possible in its approach to the distribution of aid. If a Ukrainian refugee does not have a smartcard and needs basic clothing, he/she should go to the refugee center in Tallinn (Niine 2). Ukrainian war refugees registered at the Tallinn Refugee Centre will be issued with a smartcard or green card.

In cooperation between the City of Tallinn and the Refugee Centre, a system of free distribution of clothes and consumer goods to Ukrainian refugees was launched on 22 March at the Refugee Centre in Lasnamäe (Punane 50). Since then, more than 167 000 items have been distributed to war refugees.