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Lastekodu Street to become Keldrimäe’s main street

Lastekodu Street to become Keldrimäe’s main street

On Wednesday, June 26, major reconstruction work will begin on Lastekodu Street, resulting in a high-quality urban space where people can safely and comfortably move on foot, by bike, or by car. The construction will bring changes to downtown traffic and, in later stages, to public transportation.

Lastekodu Street will be reconstructed in its entirety—from Liivalaia Street to Masina Street, including the section of Masina Street from Lastekodu Street to Tartu maantee. To ensure the safety of all road users, the street will have a speed limit of up to 30 km/h and various measures will be implemented to calm traffic, such as raised intersections, narrow lanes, and minimal turning radius.

“Through the reconstruction of Lastekodu Street, the Keldrimäe district will gain a new main street, where all people can move safely and comfortably, and which will become a destination in itself, a place where people want to go,” said Deputy Mayor Pärtel-Peeter Pere. “We will add fifty new trees to the existing hundred and plant thousands of shrubs. With a European-style street design, we will create a healthy living environment for locals and provide the best conditions for businesses and commerce.”

The Deputy Mayor added that these are complex and time-consuming reconstruction works that unfortunately cause inconveniences and disrupt the daily lives and mobility of many residents.

The construction work requires temporary road closures and traffic diversions, but access will be ensured for local residents, pedestrians, and cyclists throughout the construction period. On June 17, Kreutzwaldi Street will be partially closed between Tartu maantee and Lastekodu Street for material storage. Regular traffic will be maintained in both directions until June 26. Short-term closures of this street section may occur during material lifting operations.
Construction work will begin on June 26, when the section of Lastekodu Street between Liivalaia and Keldrimäe Streets will be closed to traffic, and the intersection of Lastekodu and Gildi Streets will be closed until July 19. Access to properties will be ensured for local residents. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the construction period.

In subsequent stages, starting July 1, technology-driven closures will occur at the intersection of Liivalaia and Tartu maantee, as well as on Liivalaia Street between Tartu maantee and Lastekodu Street. Consequently, from July 15 to July 24, bus lines 2 and 15 will be diverted via Liivalaia, Lauteri, and Lembitu Streets. Regular traffic at the Tartu maantee – Liivalaia intersection will fully resume in the second half of August. Exact dates may change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. If a stage is completed more quickly, the next stages will start earlier to shorten the overall process duration.

Following stages will continue along Lastekodu Street towards Odra and Masina Streets.

The schedule and activities are based on the specific technological process, and the contractor will do their best to stay on schedule and minimize disruption to the daily lives of residents and all city dwellers. If work needs to be done outside of regular hours for technological reasons, local residents will be notified in advance. However, it should be noted that construction inevitably causes noise and dust. Residents' housing associations located directly in the construction area will be informed on an ongoing basis about changes in traffic management and waste collection arrangements.

Initially, the necessary works for the reconstruction of underground pipelines will be carried out. This year, major communication construction works will be carried out on the section of Lastekodu Street between Liivalaia and Odra Streets. Work on the section between Odra Street, Masina Street, and Tartu maantee will continue at the beginning of next year. The work includes the installation of district heating and cooling pipelines, the construction of new water and sewage networks, the construction of electricity and communication networks, and the protection and construction of gas pipelines. The reconstruction of roads and sidewalks, as well as pedestrian and bicycle paths, is planned for next year. In later stages of the work, new street lighting, street furniture, landscaping, and traffic management devices will be installed. The crossing of Odra Street and the area around the Tallinn Bus Station (Tallinna Bussijaam) are currently planned for early 2025.

Information materials will be placed at bus stops with changed routes. All detour routes will have transfer options at nearby public transport stops. Delays may occur on detour routes, and walking distances to stops in the city centre area may increase. Timetables, journey planners, routes, and stops will be available on the website before the start of construction.

Most of the existing 101 trees will be preserved, but three trees will be removed, and maintenance pruning will be performed on about 20 trees. Additionally, 43 new trees, 4,114 shrubs, nearly 27,000 perennials, and over 10,000 bulbs will be planted in the area.

The construction work is being carried out by AS TREF Nord and Magma AS on behalf of the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department. The construction supervision is carried out by TPJ Inseneribüroo OÜ. The contract value for the construction work is approximately 14 million euros, of which nearly 3.5 million is co-financed by AS Tallinna Vesi for the construction of water, stormwater, and sewage pipelines, and 5.16 million is co-financed by AS Utilitas Tallinn for the construction of district heating and cooling pipelines (amounts excluding VAT). The contractual deadline for the work is November 23, 2025.

You can follow the progress of the Lastekodu Street reconstruction process on the website