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Miiamilla Children's Museum reopens with exciting new features

Miiamilla Children's Museum reopens with exciting new features

The renovated Miiamilla Children's Museum was opened on January 11 by the Estonian President Alar Karis, Sirje Karis, Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart, and children who contributed to the museum’s completion. The new permanent exhibition "Children's Universes" welcomes visitors starting Saturday, January 13.

At the museum's opening, President Alar Karis noted that the Children's Park, where Miiamilla is located, was created almost 90 years ago as part of the presidential complex. “Generations of Estonians have grown up on the playgrounds and carousels here. Families are accustomed to visiting with their children, and it's hard to imagine Kadriorg without a genuine children's museum,” said President Karis.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart emphasized the importance of the museum, part of the Tallinn City Museum, in nurturing mental health from early childhood. “The building in Kadriorg Park has historically been a place for children. The Youth Park pavilion, which houses the museum, was originally built from materials left over from the demolition of earlier park structures, which was quite innovative at the time. Recycling and the circular economy are also highly relevant today,” said Kõlvart.

“The well-being starts with recognizing and managing emotions – children learn more naturally through play and by imitating adults. The Children's Museum is worth visiting for the whole family, as it is not only educational but also a lot of fun,” added Deputy Mayor Kaarel Oja.

The renovated museum's permanent exhibition focuses on the child and their surrounding world. According to museum director Jane Meresmaa-Roos, the museum's themed rooms offer multi-layered discovery and joy for the entire family. “The Children's Museum helps to understand the various facets of being a child. In creating the permanent exhibition, we incorporated many children's ideas, so it feels like a child's touch is everywhere. For example, the inner world and emotional creatures are designed based on drawings sent by children, and all the museum's signs were created by children. The museum also encourages adults to play and gain experiences with their child. The 'quarrel socks' help playfully resolve disputes, the emotion game encourages better understanding of each other, and the 'work happiness machine' lets you try out children's favorite occupations. There are creative solutions in the museum for both little ones and adults,” explained Meresmaa-Roos.
The museum underwent extensive renovations in 2023. Exhibits from the previous permanent exhibition, dating back to 2009, now offer joy as donations to the children of the Tallinn Children's Home.

The new permanent exhibition "Children's Universes" ("Laste Maailmaruumid") was designed by the creative agency Motor. The exhibition concept was shaped by Miiamilla's director Jane Meresmaa-Roos and co-curator Sireli Uusmaa. Several exhibits were born from children's drawing contest entries and were created using collected items – for instance, 10 rocking horses were donated to the museum from all over Estonia.

Miiamilla Children's Museum, aimed at families with children aged 3-8, reopened to visitors on January 13. Opening hours are Tue-Fri 12 PM–6 PM and Sat-Sun 10 AM–5 PM. More information at

Photos from the opening:
Album 1 (photos: Jelena Rudi, Tallinn City Media)
Album 2 (author Meeli Küttim)

Text by Kristjan Arunurm (Tallinn City Museum).