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From Monday to Thursday, you can vote in 31 polling places in Tallinn

From Monday to Thursday, you can vote in 31 polling places in Tallinn

From Monday, October 11, to Thursday, October 14, you can vote in the local elections at thirty-one polling places in Tallinn, regardless of your place of residence. In addition to polling places open indoors, you can also vote in polling places set up in outdoor tents. Proof of vaccination is not required at voting.

According to the chairman of the Tallinn Electoral Committee, City Secretary Priit Lello, all eligible voters are welcome to cast their vote. "We have worked to ensure that everyone can vote safely, despite the virus outbreak. Compared to the previous elections, three times more polling places are open during the advance voting period, which allows for significantly better dispersion. All people working in the polling places use personal protective equipment and we recommend that people who vote do the same,” said Lello. "It is not checked at the polling places whether the voter has been vaccinated or not, but he or she is asked to wear a mask. If needed, you can get a mask from the polling place.”

"Everyone can choose their most suitable voting method: it is possible to vote outdoors in the car park of Keskturg and of larger shopping centres. Voters can easily be dispersed in open polling places in shopping malls," Lello explained. "Those who are infected with the coronavirus or are in quarantine can order a ballot box from their district government of residence to their home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It is also possible to vote electronically without contact."

Election week begins on Monday, October 11, and ends on Sunday, October 17.

You can vote electronically on the website from Monday, October 11 at 9 am to Saturday, October 16 at 8 pm. To vote, you need a computer with an Internet connection and an ID card or mobile ID with valid certificates and PIN1 and PIN2 code. You can change your electronic vote by re-voting at a polling place on Sunday, October 17.

A valid identity document, such as an ID card, passport, residence permit card or driving license, is needed at the polling place when voting.

Where to vote?

From Monday to Thursday, October 11–14 at 12 pm to 8 pm, you can vote in any polling places in the district centres, regardless of your place of residence. In 2021, thirty-one such polling places are opened in Tallinn. In each of these polling places, voters from all electorates can cast their vote from Monday to Thursday. The district centre polling places are also located in the city's larger shopping malls and other easily accessible locations to make voting as convenient as possible. This time, three times more polling stations are opened for advance voting in Tallinn than before - in the previous local elections, a total of nine polling stations were open in Tallinn for advance voting.

For voting on October 11-14 from 12 pm to 8 pm, the list of polling places for advance voting can be found at /eng/elections/Advance-voting-in-the-polling-places-of-the-district-centres 

On Friday and Saturday, October 15–16 from 12 pm to 8 pm, and on Sunday, October 17 from 9 am to 8 pm, Tallinn residents can cast their vote at a polling place of choice in their city district. A voter is no longer assigned to vote in one particular polling place, but may vote in any polling place of his or her electorate or district. A total of ninety-five polling places will be opened. Most of them are in locations where polling places have been in previous elections.

The list of polling places opened on October 15-16 at 12–8 pm and on October 17 at 9 am–8 pm can be found on the website /eng/elections/Advance-voting-in-all-polling-places and /eng/elections/Voting-on-Election-Day

Who can vote?

In addition to Estonian citizens, citizens of other European Union countries and foreign nationals who have a long-term residence permit or a permanent right of residence can also vote in the election of the local council.

In the Tallinn City Council elections, the eligibility to vote is granted to a person who is at least 16 years of age on the day of election. For the first time, 16-year-olds and older were able to vote in the 2017 local elections.

As the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union, British citizens will also be able to vote in 2021 only if they have a long-term residence permit or a permanent right of residence.

In order to vote for the Tallinn City Council elections, the official residence of the voter must be in Tallinn according to the population register no later than September 17 this year. You can check your residence data by signing in at with an ID card, mobile ID or Smart-ID. 

Who to vote for?

Voters in Tallinn can cast their vote only for a candidate listed in their electoral district. Tallinn is divided into eight electorates - which overlap with the city districts. Each district has a separate list of candidates. A total of 1,183 candidates are running for the Tallinn City Council, of which 148 in Haabersti, 182 in Kesklinn, 114 in Kristiine, 194 in Lasnamäe, 166 in Mustamäe, 131 in Nõmme, 98 in Pirita and 150 in Põhja-Tallinn.


How to vote from home?

You can apply to vote from home due to your health condition or other compelling reason. You can vote from home on Friday to Sunday, October 15-17 from 9 am to 8 pm. The ballot box can only be ordered to your home if you live in your registered electoral district.

An application in written form or via a call should be submitted to the district government in due time. The written application must reach the district government no later than October 17 by 2 pm. The application form is available at /est/g29890s141375. The digitally signed application can also be sent to the district government's e-mail address, which can be found at /eng/elections/Voting-from-home.

Applications can be submitted by phone on Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, from 12 pm to 8 pm, and on Sunday, October 17, from 9 am to 2 pm. Applications are accepted by district governments at the following telephone numbers: Haabersti - 640 4815, 640 4816; Kesklinn - 645,785; 645 7850; 645 7854; Kristiine - 645 7127, 645 7128; Lasnamäe - 645 7740, 645 7732; Mustamäe - 645 7512, 645 7515; Nõmme - 645 7318, 645 7313; Pirita - 645 7641; Põhja-Tallinn - 645 7057, 645 7055.