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Nearly seven times more large waste brought during campaign week

Nearly seven times more large waste brought during campaign week

During this year's final free large waste disposal week from November 20-26, Tallinn's waste treatment plants received seven times more large waste than in a typical week of November. Throughout the year, residents brought a total of 5,592.17 cubic meters of waste to the waste treatment plants, equivalent to approximately 70 truckloads of large waste.

“Tallinn has now been organizing large waste collection campaigns quarterly for two years. During this time, residents have increasingly utilized this opportunity. While last year saw 5,118 cubic meters of waste collected during the campaign weeks, this year a total of 5,592.17 cubic meters of large waste was brought in. The most popular week this year was in August, when 2,154.07 cubic meters of waste were brought in,” stated Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm. “Next year, we will continue with the campaigns for free large waste collection. Additionally, we are currently constructing a new waste treatment plant and designing another one along with a circular economy center, to enable people to properly dispose of waste and give a new life to items that are still usable or need minor repairs. Currently, Pääsküla and Paljassaare waste treatment plants are already accepting leftover intact items for free during their opening hours,” Vimm explained.

During the campaign week in November, Tallinn’s residents made 1,056 trips to waste treatment plants, disposing of approximately 1,134.33 cubic meters of waste. This contrasts with the previous week of November 13-19, where only 170 cubic meters of waste were collected.

Residents can dispose of up to 3 cubic meters of large waste free of charge during the campaign week, which is equivalent to the capacity of a single car trailer. Large waste can also be disposed of through organized waste collection.

Large waste collection can be arranged through the waste collection company serving the area, with fees based on their price list. Waste collectors are obliged to remove large waste within three days of receiving a request. For more information, visit the website at

Furniture that is still usable can also be dropped off for free at waste treatment plants. Waste treatment plants are located in Pääsküla (Raba 40), Rahumäe (Rahumäe tee 5a), Pärnamäe (Ristaia tee 8), and Paljassaare (Paljassaare põik 5). For additional information, visit the website at

If there is a piece of furniture or electronical appliances that are still usable, Uuskasutuskeskus (Re-use Center) offers a free pickup service. To schedule a pickup, please email at [email protected].