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Nearly a thousand people organize Parliamentary elections in Tallinn

Nearly a thousand people organize Parliamentary elections in Tallinn

In Tallinn, a total of nearly a thousand people are helping to organize the Parliamentary elections by organizing voting at polling stations and supporting the organization of elections in shopping centers and schools.

The largest proportion of people involved in organizing elections in Tallinn are the 826 members of the ward committee. The city council adopted a decision on Thursday to set up a ward committee for each of the electoral wards set up in Tallinn. 
"Many thanks to all those who have agreed to contribute to the practical organization of the elections as a member of the precinct committee, allowed our polling stations on their territory or otherwise supported the organization of the elections," said Priit Lello, chairman of Tallinn Election Committee and Head of City Office. "We pay great attention to the transparency of the election process. The guarantee of fairness of elections is the openness of the proceedings, guaranteed by law, and this is fully supported by the cooperation of party representatives and other volunteers."

In Tallinn, 81 ward committees have been set up for the elections, with 826 members, including 81 chairpersons, 562 core members and 183 alternates. A total of 249 candidates were submitted to the City Secretary by the political parties participating in the elections.

According to the Riigikogu Election Act, ward committees are appointed by the City Council on the proposal of the City Secretary, taking into account the principle of political balance. According to the law, half of the members of the ward committee are nominated by the city secretary and the other half by the political parties taking part in the elections. If the total number of candidates nominated by the political parties is less than half of the composition of the committees, the remaining members are appointed by the City Council on a proposal from the City Secretary.

Each ward committee organizes the voting in the polling station of its ward and at the place of residence of the voters who have requested it, and determines the results of voting in the ward. A member of the precinct committee must be proficient in Estonian and have the right to vote in elections to the Riigikogu.

The city council's decision with the lists of members of the ward committees is available on the city's legislative information system on the Teele website:  

Information on polling stations and voting in Tallinn is available at the website