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New bike path to connect Kadriorg and Reidi tee

New bike path to connect Kadriorg and Reidi tee

Tallinn plans to establish a bicycle path between Poska Street and Reidi tee to enhance mobility for pedestrians and cyclists and to develop the city's network of bike paths. The public introduction of the preliminary design for the Poska-Reidi bike path is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, at 17:30 at the Mati Undi Museum, located at Koidula 17.

"More people choosing cycling or public transport over driving is beneficial for all drivers. It leads to fewer traffic jams and smoother traffic flow. One of the coalition agreement's priorities is to complete the main network of bike paths based on Tallinn's bicycle strategy. The Poska Street and Reidi tee bike path will connect the city centre to the Pirita bike path," said Deputy Mayor Pärtel-Peeter Pere.

The City Centre District Governor Sander Andla added, "The more people who use bicycles, scooters, or public transport for commuting, the smoother the traffic flow for drivers as well. Commuters are allies. The city's role is to create conditions for everyone to move around comfortably and safely. Any initiative that contributes to this is valuable."

The planned bike path will connect Reidi tee and Poska Street, replacing the existing footpath. It is designed to include a 3-meter wide asphalt bicycle path and a 2.5-meter wide paved footpath. The choice of paving for the footpath is designed to blend with the park-like nature of the area and to ensure easy movement for pushchairs, walkers, and wheelchairs.

The area alongside the foot and bike path will feature benches, trash bins, and bike racks framed by shrub plantings. The primary purpose of the new shrub plantings is decorative, enhancing the park's natural diversity. While existing shrubs and clumps in the park are predominantly tall, the new planting areas will be lower, maintaining existing views of the sea and ensuring visibility between cyclists and pedestrians on the path. Areas along the paths will also be planted with crocuses to add a touch of springtime joy. The selection of species and varieties considers suitability to the Estonian climate and urban environment, as well as drought tolerance, decorative value, and varying blooming times.

The project design does not require the removal of any trees, except for four potentially hazardous trees rated in risk class V: two poplars, a maple, and a swamp birch. The design has taken into account the locations and root protection zones of park trees.

The project area also includes the intersection of Narva maantee and Poska Street, as it is an integral part of the bike connection between the seaside and Kadriorg. An outdoor lighting solution has been designed for all unlit park paths.

The first public presentation of the Poska Street and Reidi tee bike path preliminary project was held in March 2023. Due to changes in the design solution, an updated preliminary project will be introduced on May 15 at 17:30 at the Mati Undi Museum (Koidula 17). The preliminary project can be viewed online at Feedback can be submitted via a feedback form until May 26. Feedback from the previous preliminary project will also be considered.